Personal Protective Equipment

Find below guidance on appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to mitigate risk.

What do I need to know about purchasing P2/N95 respirator masks?

A respirator suitable for use in a dental clinical setting includes:

  • required to be a ARTG GMDN 57794 surgical medical respirator – fluid resistant not to be confused with a public respirator GMDN 57793
  • a non-fluid resistant respirator can only be used in limited circumstances in dental practice eg: non AGP procedures only
  • consider those products that are used routinely in healthcare:  here are some examples
    • the Department of Health has a list of respirators currently in use and being fit tested. NOTE these supplies can not be accessed by private hospitals or clinics.

The ADA has a list of products assessed as suitable – this requires member log in.

  • Suitability for fit testing should be ascertained prior to purchase  

What do I need to consider when using a P2/N95 respirator mask?

  • the intended wearer must be clean shaven with no medical contraindications to wearing a respirator
  • take your protective eyewear and or loupes used in practice to fit testing session
  • that the participant is required to supply the respirator for the purpose of fit testing
    • the fit tester does not supply the respirators – they may have a range of samples available to use if you unsuccessfully test to your respirator. This is subject to supply and is not guaranteed.
  • it is important to note that a fit may not be achieved with the provided product.
  • supply is not guaranteed. Current supply issues may impact your ability to access your preferred or fitted respirator.
  • Some individuals may not achieve a fit with the available products

Do I need to have my P2/N95 mask fit tested?

The current Department of Health guidance and risk assessment states 'Incorrect mask use or face covering is to be considered as ‘’no mask’’.  P2/N95 masks should be fit-checked at a minimum and should ideally be fit-tested.'

We recommend you undertake fit testing if you decide to use respirators. We will update this page shortly with a list of companies that offer fit testing services.