Certificate in Creating Wellbeing in Workplaces

ADAVB and the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia (DHAA) are partnering with global leaders in the wellbeing sector the Wellbeing Lab to run a Certificate in Creating Wellbeing in Workplaces for dental team members across Victoria. This builds on our successful first round of this program which ran from February to May 2023, and will help expand our network of skilled wellbeing champions and wellbeing leaders in our profession. 

The program consists of 10 hours of online live training workshops, focused on the six pillars of wellbeing: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment and Health (PERMAH). Participants will develop and run a small wellbeing project of their choice in their dental practice (or maybe across several practices in their local area), and then showcase their projects.

This is what our participants in Round 1 of this program had to say:

'I am so grateful for the opportunity to take part in the ADAVB Certificate in Creating Wellbeing course. All of the learning content and tools provided will be so valuable in nurturing the mental and physical wellbeing of our growing team not only immediately, but for many years to come!'

'The WellBeing Lab Course was professionally delivered and thoroughly informative of what influences individual wellbeing. The awareness gained by participants will undoubtedly help to develop and maintain workplace morale.'

'I have always been interested in Wellbeing personally, but have been unsure about how to share this to benefit the rest of my team. Learning about the PERMAH factors really helped me to know what to focus on. A huge takeaway was 'tiny is mighty'. I learnt that often it's the smallest, easiest and cheapest things to implement that have the biggest impact on the team! I felt very well supported! Anna did an excellent job of guiding our sessions and I always felt comfortable being able to share or ask questions. Another huge thank you to the team for everything! I truly feel that what I have learnt has been valuable and will make a difference in my workplace! You have given me the confidence to champion wellbeing!'

See the program outline below.

The online training will run from Octoberto November 2023, and the projects and showcases will be held in November 2023. The full cost of the program is $2000 per participant, but the cost to ADAVB members and their staff is only $1000 (with the balance funded by a grant from the Victorian government).

The program is suitable for any member of the dental team – dentists and dental specialists, oral health therapists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, dental assistants and administrative staff – whoever is most interested in driving wellbeing support and positive change in your workplace.

This program is supported by a grant from Business Victoria.

How to apply

If you have a staff member who is interested in participating, please complete this Expression of Interest form and return it via email to ceo@adavb.org by 26 September 2023. We will be selecting and notifying successful applicants by 28 September 2023. If you require more information, contact ADAVB CEO Matt Hopcraft at ceo@adavb.org.

The program is designed to help lead wellbeing in the workplace by:

Over six-weeks participants will join live, online, highly interactive and engaging classes with world-leading researchers and practitioners.

You'll attend 10 hours of live, online, highly interactive and engaging training.

Participants will be given lifetime access to an incredible online learning portal packed with sought after beautifully designed digital posters, conversation guides, cheat sheets and more that they can steal-with-pride and share with others.  All class materials – The Wellbeing Lab's slides and playbooks will be available for participants.  These resources (value - several $1000) include:

  • Beautifully designed wellbeing posters - our digital posters featuring tiny evidence-based actions can be printed and shared as often as you wish. Topics include: How To Stress Less, Connecting With Anyone, Getting More Rest + Recovery among many others.
  • Step-by-step team guides – Teaming With Strengths, Cultivating Grit, Building Psychological Safety and PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Debrief toolkits contain everything leaders need to help team’s learn how to care for each other’s wellbeing.
  • DIY PERMAH Library – 6 x 1-hour training modules available as videos, podcasts, and playbooks dive deeper into Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH wellbeing theory and practice.

You'll have immediate access to evidence-based wellbeing tools you can use to help others.

During the program participants will custom design and deliver a wellbeing impact project , meaningful to them, to help people care for their wellbeing. To make this process easy and joyful, they will attend two community of practice calls with coaches and fellow participants to guide and support along the way. 

You'll custom design and deliver an impact project and attend two community of practice calls.

Participants will prepare a short report on their impact project and deliver a final 5-minute presentation to share their project with classmates to learn from each other and celebrate achievements together.

You'll prepare and present a short presentation about your impact project.

More about the Wellbeing Lab and the Certificate in Creating Wellbeing in Workplaces

The Wellbeing Lab is a globally renowned team of experts who deliver a range of wellbeing programs to clients including Lend Lease, Xero, Seek, IBM, KPMG, Google and over 5000 other organisations locally, nationally and globally.

The Certificate in Creating Wellbeing in Workplaces is an innovative and evidence-based blended learning program that provides measurable approaches for improving wellbeing across workplaces. Based on Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMAH theory of wellbeing, the program includes live training classes and coaching calls with globally sought-after coaches to put the latest wellbeing research and tools at your fingertips so you can be accredited to help others thrive, even in times of struggle.

It is a comprehensive, practical and evidence based course, which results in capability and confidence development through the delivery of impact projects that promote the wellbeing of participants, and their social and professional networks.

The Certificate in Creating Wellbeing in Workplaces has been used by Small Business Victoria, Maroondah City Council, Break Of Day Council, Midland Wellbeing Coalition, and Xero among others to educate, equip, and empower wellbeing champions across diverse workplaces. Designed to move champions off the ‘procrastination pot’ and give them the capabilities and confidence to take impactful actions that ‘do no harm’, 92.4% of past participants report that they’d recommend the certificate to others.

ADAVB is hosting this program to develop a cohort of wellbeing champions, embedded in dental practices across Victoria, with the aim that they will continue to volunteer their time, passion and energy to amplify wellbeing initiatives and drive local projects that support others to actively care for both their wellbeing and that of those around them. Participants are actively supported by The Wellbeing Lab throughout their journey as they learn wellbeing science and collaboratively find ways to successfully and joyfully apply that learning in ways that matter to them and those they support.



Activity Content
• Login to your learning portal and click the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey link.
• The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete.
4 October 
6pm - 9pm 
3 hours

• What’s working well and where are we struggling when it comes to caring for
wellbeing in small businesses?
• The need for wellbeing literacy, evaluation, activation and determination.
• How can we help LEAD mental wellbeing for time-poor small businesses?


• Why caring for wellbeing involves moments of thriving and struggle.
• Experiment with a free, evidence-based approach to measuring and
supporting wellbeing.
• Build your levels of wellbeing literacy to help people become more active and intelligent stewards of their wellbeing at work.

11 October 
6pm - 9pm 
3 hours

• Discover how positive emotions boost our resilience and the three simple questions we can ask to stress less.
• Uncover people’s neurological superpowers by identifying and developing their strengths to boost confidence, engagement and performance.
• Learn how to connect with anyone by creating psychologically safe spaces that fuel trust, inclusion and belonging in relationships.

• Decode how emotions shape our sense of meaning, purpose and motivation and how to turn this information into healthy actions.
• Understand how asking for help and reaching for self-compassion can help us accomplish what matters most.
• Unpack the power of rest and recovery to restore your energy and care for your physical and mental health, even when we’re busy.

28 October 
8:30am - 12:30pm
4 hours

• Learn how to harness people’s Motivation, Ability, and Prompts to MAP wellbeing changes at the me, we and us levels.
• Build a tiny nudges toolbox based on the latest research and your own experiences in workplaces.
• Discover the three mental wellbeing derailers that bring people’s good intentions for caring mental wellbeing unstuck.Build an individual tiny nudges toolbox based on the latest research and your own experiences in small business workplaces.
• Unpack why every action people take is preceded by a question and how to ask questions that help people to care for their wellbeing in new ways.
• Experiment with a simple neurological behavioural change template to design wellbeing conversations that win people's commitment.
• Learn how to spot and harness the hopes that lie behind every skeptic's doubts about caring for mental wellbeing at work.

• Share your dreams of what might be possible if you leveraged what already works well, applied what you’ve learned in this program, and used your experience to help people in workplaces care for their wellbeing.
• Design a “tiny is mighty” impact project to make your hopes a reality.
• Get clear on your next steps to implement your impact project.

1 November 
6:00pm - 7:00pm
1 hour

• Stay accountable and share your impact project progress with our workplace wellbeing coaches.
• Ask for help, get access to additional resources, and get inspired and learn from your classmates.
15 November 
6:00pm - 7:00pm
1 hour
• Stay accountable and share your impact project progress with our workplace wellbeing coaches.
• Ask for help, get access to additional resources, and get inspired and learn from your classmates.
1 November 
8:30am - 10am
1 1/2 hours
• Prepare a short, written report about your impact project and what you’ve learned and upload this to the learning portal.
• Present your report (you’ll have 3-minutes) to share your learning and achievements with your classmates and take a humble victory lap.



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