Public Dental Waiting Times

Long waiting times for dental care mean existing dental problems worsen. As a result, just over one-third of all courses of care are for emergency treatment rather than routine care. 

People with poor oral health may experience pain and embarrassment, have trouble speaking and eating, miss school, have trouble getting a job, and develop other serious health problems. That’s why it’s so important that all Victorians have access to regular dental care.

The ADAVB is calling on both the state and federal governments to increase their investment in public dentistry so that vulnerable Victorians are able to smile.

The below interactive map shows information on waiting times to access public dental care across Victoria as at June 2019. The map is colour coded to highlight the average waiting time for general dental care:

  • Areas where the waiting time exceeds 24 months
  • Areas where the waiting time is between 12 and 23 months
  • Areas where the waiting time is less than 12 months