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Advocacy, support and leadership

'The ADAVB has been instrumental in helping public sector dentists negotiate our contracts, and I am really grateful for the effort that required. I enjoy being part of a professional association and I think it is important to support the advocacy work of the ADA.'

'ADA has done a lot considering that this is not a governing body. I praise ADA for being so transparent and informative throughout the [COVID-19] crisis. Keep up the good work.'

'The ADA, as usual, has stepped up to the plate and delivered above and beyond my expectations. Almost 30 years of membership and I consider it a privilege. Many thanks for all that so many fellow members voluntarily do for the mutual benefit of all.'

'I would like to say that ADA has done a lot of assistance for all the dentists including me [during the COVID-19 pandemic] … and I cannot see anything else you could do. Thanks a lot for all the guidance and assistance during this rough ride.'

'Keep up the great work on your guidance. So far you’ve shown yourselves to be a true leaders in the dental profession.'

'You guys are doing an absolutely outstanding job!!! Keep it up. Well done and very grateful to have your support.'

'Thank you for the lead [you] are taking for members in this current [COVID-19] crisis. Our professional body is far ahead of other allied health professional organisations.'

'Thank you once again for all that the ADA do to support the dental profession!.'

'Thank you to … ADAVB on your excellent work managing this [COVID-19] situation and advocating on our behalf.'

'Thank you kindly for all the work your team has been doing for the profession. I have ... supported ADA since I have graduated.'

CPD, training and resources

'I think the ADA has done an excellent job on behalf of the profession and the public. Providing information and resources that are accurate and timely. Keep up the great job. Thanks very much.'

'Dr Rajan’s hands-on session was very informative … Ian was very engaging and lots of hands-on practise.'

'Thank you for all you have done. The information and support [have] been amazing and so very much appreciated. I am so grateful and proud to belong to a professional and supportive [association].'

'Congratulations to ADA/ADAVB on their excellent information and constant updates. Thank you for being there for our profession.'

'I feel like I’ve got a lot of ideas to bring back to my office.'

'Thank you all very much for the Zoom discussion group yesterday and for all your hard work in supporting us all through this challenging time [during the COVID-19 pandemic]. I found it very helpful to connect with other practices and hear what challenges they are facing and how they are handling the various issues. We all can learn so much from one another!'

'Ian Cash was hilarious and led a brilliant hands-on component and presentation.'

'The nitrous oxide lecture was very informative.'

'Thank you for all your assistance in relation to guiding us through Accreditation. We have just received news from QIP that we have received accreditation.'

'[The practice accreditation course] was a really excellent seminar ... my practice manager and I both finished it feeling "we can do this!". I'd recommend this course not just for accreditation alone, but for guidance in setting policies and procedures consistent with what the regulatory bodies expect.'

'Thank you Sharon and Ann! Your extensive knowledge was evident, and you have made accreditation less overwhelming.'