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The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) is your professional association. We support and represent members to be their best, to reach their professional potential and to proivide the best level of care for their patients. See what our members and their teams have to say below and join us at


'I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone at the ADA for their incredible support throughout the pandemic and beyond. From your detailed and informative emails to much needed webinars, you have made our professional journey through the course of this year much easier to navigate. Thank you for your continued support and guidance through these uncharted waters. I am proud to be a member of such a supportive and incredible professional body.'

' Recent years have been the most challenging year for the dental profession that I can recall. The leadership, representation, guidance and practical assistance provided both the ADAVB and ADA during the height of - then post pandemic have been worth the membership many times over. In previous "good" times where some dentists questioned the value of ADA membership, I feel that in this most difficult time the true value of ADA membership should be appreciated and remembered. Well done to all.' (ADA member since 1982)

‘The best member benefit is … having the dedicated people who commit their time to the ADAVB at our disposal. The ones who are happy to take our calls and advise us on all sorts of issues or questions with running a practice, be it HR, complaint management, general advice, COVID related, infection control, CPD, or resources and templates, etc. No question is too dumb and they are always happy to do it. Thanks ADAVB.’

'I’m renewing my ADAVB membership because I want to be an informed practitioner, getting the latest updates and news about my profession from an association that I trust. ADAVB has offered me so many benefits including the opportunity to network with other health professionals and with great informative resources on their website and in their magazine.' 

‘I am always reassured by the ADAVB’s hard work to advocate for and protect our profession. It reminded me why I am happy to be a member now and in the future.’

‘I’m renewing my membership because of the tremendous support and leadership that ADAVB has provided during these unprecedented times.’

‘I’m renewing my membership to keep up to date with all the changes occurring in the profession and to stay connected as a new graduate.’

‘The best way of keep your connections is through your association of colleagues. You will build new partnerships, relationships and you will fulfil your career with long-term camaraderie.’

‘The collegiately afforded beyond graduation, by the ADA, is unique to a very few professions and relies on the support of the collective to continue to be as influential and supportive as it is.’

‘Being a member of the ADA has afforded me many benefits, not the least of which is the collegiality and networking opportunities, both with fellow students and with new graduates and seasoned professionals whose help and advice have been invaluable in furthering my understanding of, and passion for, this field.’

‘I’m renewing my membership because I want to support the ADA who have continually supported and advocated for our profession.’

Advocacy, support and leadership

'To our invisible and behind the scenes support team. Thank you so much to each of you for all the continued hard work to keep dentists updated during these current challenging and difficult times. Thank [you] for all the guidance to help us make good clinical decisions in the best interests of the health and safety of our patients.'

'...our ADAVB ... has been outstanding in advocating and lobbying the Victorian Government and also in swift, precise and very informative communication with the Victorian dentist cohort throughout this nasty pandemic. Your ‘Updates for members’ are always extremely helpful for us to plan our next moves. I think most members will have to agree with us! Well done and keep up the good work ADAVB team!'

'Congratulations to all the team at ADAVB for its effort to communicate with members in a timely fashion, and its successful advocacy on behalf of the profession. And thanks once again for the brilliant job you are all doing.'

‘I want to pass on a big thank you to all the team at the ADAVB for the tremendous support this year. Our practice is successful because of the amazing people we have working with us and this includes the ADA team. [We] truly appreciate all the time and effort your team dedicate to dentists, assistants and managers each and every year. This year has only been manageable because of the amazing support you have provided. Thank you for all the long days and late nights you have endured to provide dental clinics with the latest updates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for communicating with the Government on our behalf so we could remain open. The outcomes this year certainly would have been far worse without your efforts. Thank you again to all your team. You are appreciated and highly regarded.’

'We are so excited and relieved to receive notification yesterday that we can return to level two restrictions from the 28 September and to read that level one will follow at the end of October was amazing. Our team appreciates how much hard work the ADA have contributed to make this happen. It’s wonderful news.'

'Thank you so much for your tireless advocacy and continued updates and support during this time. We know public comments have not always been kind but most of us are very grateful for the work you do and have anticipated this outcome eagerly.'

'Thank you so much Angelo for keeping up the fight to get dentists to be able to open again. I truly appreciate it.'

'I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the team at the ADA. On behalf of our team, we pass on a huge thank you for the ongoing support we receive from you. Receiving the regular updates and webinars gives us confidence with booking and treating patients. We are very grateful that we have the opportunity to remain open to support our patients. Wishing you well and stay safe.'

'Thank you, Matt and all at the association for your continued support, advocacy and communication – it is so very much appreciated.'

'Thank you for keeping us updated and speaking up for the profession.'

'Thank you for the ongoing updates and support the ADA is giving.'

'The ADAVB has been instrumental in helping public sector dentists negotiate our contracts, and I am really grateful for the effort that required. I enjoy being part of a professional association and I think it is important to support the advocacy work of the ADA.'

'ADA has done a lot considering that this is not a governing body. I praise ADA for being so transparent and informative throughout the [COVID-19] crisis. Keep up the good work.'

'We really appreciate all the help the Practice Plus team has given us with the whole accreditation process.'

'I think ADA/ADAVB are doing a fantastic job in unprecedented circumstances.'

'Thank you for all you have done. The information and support has been amazing and so very much appreciated.  I am so grateful and proud to belong to a professional and supportive [association].'

'The ADA, as usual, has stepped up to the plate and delivered above and beyond my expectations. Almost 30 years of membership and I consider it a privilege. Many thanks for all that so many fellow members voluntarily do for the mutual benefit of all.'

'I would like to say that ADA has done a lot of assistance for all the dentists including me [during the COVID-19 pandemic] … and I cannot see anything else you could do. Thanks a lot for all the guidance and assistance during this rough ride.'

'Keep up the great work on your guidance. So far you’ve shown yourselves to be a true leaders in the dental profession.'

'You guys are doing an absolutely outstanding job!!! Keep it up. Well done and very grateful to have your support.'

'Thank you for the lead [you] are taking for members in this current [COVID-19] crisis. Our professional body is far ahead of other allied health professional organisations.'

'Thank you once again for all that the ADA do to support the dental profession!'

'Thank you to … ADAVB on your excellent work managing this [COVID-19] situation and advocating on our behalf.'

'Thank you kindly for all the work your team has been doing for the profession. I have ... supported ADA since I have graduated.'

'The work put in by the ADAVB and ADA during this difficult time has been incredible. We are fortunate to have such wonderful support.'

'Please pass on my regards to all your team at the ADA and thank the team for negotiating with the Government the additional scope of treatment managed in lockdown 5. Our team were very pleased and relieved they could continue to care for the patients that required ongoing treatment.'

Training, information and resources

'The support of the ADAVB has been critical in helping students academically and socially. The copy of the therapeutic guidelines with and CPD opportunities have been a lifesaver in addition to their continued support of student-run events. Moreover, in the short time I have been in the RCSC, the events we have held to help final year students so far have been amazing! I look forward to being a part of and working with this amazing team in the upcoming year!'

'Strongest feature of the session was the speaker, Amanda, who gave us the most current and up to date knowledge. Thank you for providing a high standard presentation.' (IPC HQ event)

'Good to have to theoretical and practical sides of things presented together with some actual exercise. Keeping things interesting. Practical session was very interesting.' (IPC HQ event)

'The practical set up, hands on and practical parts were the strongest features. It was relevant and the speaker provided clear information.' (Aseptic techniques)

'Thank you for following up on our accreditation. We did it!!! Accreditation came through on Friday. Thank you for your support and answering all my silly* questions. Knowing that you were there for any of our queries was very much appreciated. The ADAVB resources were most helpful.'

'I think the ADA has done an excellent job on behalf of the profession and the public. Providing information and resources that are accurate and timely. Keep up the great job. Thanks very much.'

'Thank you so much for your e-mail updates and your advocacy for us - we appreciate all your hard work!'

'I am thankful to ADA and ADAVB for providing resources for us to follow up.'

'Thank you for the updates. I appreciate the efforts being made by the ADAVB to get us back to normal. The sooner the better!'

'We are very grateful to the ADA for providing such fantastic guidance for all things COVID related. It’s great to see all the remote education you are offering. It’s always nice to have something different to focus on.'

'The session was very relevant to clinical practice. Very clear information, easy communication. Amanda did a great job.' (Reprocessing workshop)

'Thank you for continuing to print the newsletter. Love reading these quality features and updates, in daylight (and hanging on to them for 3+ years). Also, thanks are in order, for the CPD crew, keeping us connected, via webinars, through this challenging year.'

'I would like to thank you for your time and efforts especially of what you provide through Victorian Dentist of interesting materials and activities which nourish and improve your readers' knowledge. As a member of ADAVB, I am very keen to read the Victorian Dentist newsletter, and to participate in the clinical update activity that this lovely magazine provides.'  

'Dr Rajan’s hands-on session was very informative … Ian was very engaging and lots of hands-on practise.'

'Thank you for the very current and relevant information and practical advice.'

'Very informative, real life examples of cases. Lots of handy tips.'

'The speakers were all really excellent. They were eloquent, thorough and interesting.'

'Wealth of knowledge and information.'

'Thank you to the ADA for excellent support and service.'

'Accreditation was a lengthy procedure involving lots of paperwork, however, Sharon was very professional and patient during the entire process. She explained things with great detail which helped a lot and her friendly service is greatly appreciated.'  

'Congratulations to ADA/ADAVB on their excellent information and constant updates. Thank you for being there for our profession.'

'I feel like I’ve got a lot of ideas to bring back to my office.'

'Thank you all very much for the Zoom discussion group yesterday and for all your hard work in supporting us all through this challenging time [during the COVID-19 pandemic]. I found it very helpful to connect with other practices and hear what challenges they are facing and how they are handling the various issues. We all can learn so much from one another!'

'Ian Cash was hilarious and led a brilliant hands-on component and presentation.'

'The nitrous oxide lecture was very informative.'

'Thank you for all your assistance in relation to guiding us through accreditation. We have just received news from QIP that we have received accreditation.'

'[The practice accreditation course] was a really excellent seminar ... my practice manager and I both finished it feeling "we can do this!". I'd recommend this course not just for accreditation alone, but for guidance in setting policies and procedures consistent with what the regulatory bodies expect.'

'Thank you Sharon and Ann! Your extensive knowledge was evident, and you have made accreditation less overwhelming.'