Public dentistry

The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) advocates for equitable employment conditions for public sector dentists. We fund expert industrial advice and representation for members in enterprise bargaining negotiations.

The ADAVB actively advocates for ways to improve public oral health, including increasing government funding to the public dental sector to:

  • increase the capacity for service delivery and reduce waiting times to access public dental care
  • update public dental infrastructure
  • provide an equitably employed and sustainable dental workforce.

Respect public dentistry – enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) negotiations

Action required – publicly employed general dentist members, 30 May 2022

You will be receiving a document called the ‘Notice of Employee Representational Rights’ (also referred to as ‘the NERR’) from your employer, most likely via email. This is to inform you that bargaining has officially begun, and to invite you to appoint a bargaining representative. The ADAVB with Professionals Australia have agreed to represent all dentists covered by the public sector dental agreements in bargaining.

Action required:

  1. Reply to the NERR email from your employer
  2. Include as a recipient so we have a record of your response
  3. State the following in the body of your reply: “I am appointing the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) to be my bargaining representative” and include your full name. (Regardless if you nominated the ADAVB for the last round of bargaining in 2018, you will need to do it again this time.)

That’s all you need to do. Please ensure we receive a copy of your reply.

Please ensure you read email correspondence from ADAVB which may come from or, watch this page for updates, webinar information and frequently asked questions, and join our closed Facebook group

Feedback invited

Current EBAs: We would like to hear from public dentists and dental specialists about their experiences with the current EBAs. Submit your responses here. Your responses can remain anonymous. Note that this questionnaire first opened in July 2021.

Next EBA: Please refer to the draft log of claims (what we’re asking for) in the 2022–26 EBA and return any feedback to The draft log of claims largely focuses on entitlement improvements. Wage claims will be made later in the negotiation process.

Next steps and FAQs

View our FAQs for further details on our EBA negotiation activities.

It is important that we have current workplace details for members employed at public hospitals and community health agencies. Guidance on how to update your workplace details on our website is available in this instruction document.

The ADAVB has partnered again with Professionals Australia for its industrial relations expertise as we enter the next round of bargaining for the employment standards of our public sector dentists and specialists. 

Last round, together we successfully negotiated an unprecedented salary increase for public sector dentists. The landscape has shifted significantly since then and the Victorian Government has implemented a new public sector wage policy. Our request to bargain earlier to avoid a more restrictive policy was declined by the Victorian Treasurer.

We are strongly advocating to improve the entitlements included within the agreement for our public sector members.   

Please encourage your public sector colleagues who aren’t already ADAVB members to join. Strength in numbers is important and a solid public sector membership base supports the viability and continuation of this work. We can’t do this alone – it takes the collective effort of the entire sector to get the best result.  

We know the public sector is severely under resourced, with upwards of two million people being eligible to receive care, but the capacity to only see about 400,000 individuals per year. As well as advocating for better working conditions for our public sector colleagues, we also continue to advocate for upstream preventive public health measures that aim to reduce the burden of disease in the eligible population.  

Information sessions

Public sector dentists and specialists are invited to join these interactive sessions hosted by the ADAVB and Professionals Australia. These sessions will cover negotiation progress and how you can be involved.

View previous information session recordings here.

Upcoming sessions: Please register below to join us at our upcoming sessions. 

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