Public Dentistry

The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) advocates for equitable employment conditions for public sector dentists. We fund expert industrial advice and representation for members in enterprise bargaining negotiations.

The ADAVB actively advocates for ways to improve public oral health, including increasing government funding to the public dental sector to:

  • Increase the capacity for service delivery and reduce waiting times to access public dental care
  • Update public dental infrastructure
  • Provide an equitably employed and sustainable dental workforce.

Respect public dentistry – upcoming enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) negotiations

The ADAVB has partnered again with Professionals Australia for its industrial relations expertise as we enter the next round of bargaining for the employment standards of our public sector dentists and specialists. 

Last round, together we successfully negotiated an unprecedented salary increase for public sector dentists. The landscape has shifted significantly since then and the Victorian Government has imposed a new public sector wage policy, effectively capping the increase on salary we can expect this time around. In response, we’ve made a request to the Treasurer to bargain early – our strategy being to try and reach agreement before the next stage (and stricter cap) of the wage policy comes into effect on 1 January (the current EBAs expire on 30.06.22). We are strongly advocating to improve the entitlements included within the agreement for our public sector members.  

Please encourage your public sector colleagues who aren’t already ADAVB members to join. Strength in numbers is important and a solid public sector membership base supports the viability and continuation of this work. We can’t do this alone – it takes the collective effort of the entire sector to get the best result.  

We know the public sector is severely under resourced, with upwards of two million people being eligible to receive care, but the capacity to only see about 400,000 individuals per year. As well as advocating for better working conditions for our public sector colleagues, we also continue to advocate for upstream preventive public health measures that aim to reduce the burden of disease in the eligible population.  

Current EBAs

The current EBAs are effective 01.07.18–30.06.22.

Public dentists and dental specialists are covered by eight agreements (one specialist, two hospital and five community health).

We encourage public sector members to familiarise themselves with entitlements in the EBAs. Refer to the FAQs below, which have links to all agreements:

If you missed the chance to answer our EBA survey in mid-July 2021, we’ve kept it open, and invite you to share your experiences and perspectives on the current EBAs. Click here to complete the survey. Your responses can remain anonymous. 

Public sector members who have queries about their EBA entitlements are encouraged to review the above FAQs and discuss the matter with their employer first, ideally in writing. If this does not resolve your query, or you have any other EBA related comments or questions, please contact the ADAVB Policy and Research Team for a discussion by calling 8825 4600 or emailing

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