COVID-19 Response

View our advocacy timeline to see how we’ve represented and supported members through the pandemic.

ADA and ADAVB advocacy action timeline

June–July 2020 (Victoria)

  • Continuing to monitor COVID-19 case trends across the state.
  • Maintaining contact with the Victorian Chief Medical Officer.
  • Attending briefings with the Victorian Health Minister.
  • Providing updates and recommendations to members as soon as information becomes available.
  • Conducting surveys to understand the financial impact on private dental practices.
  • Providing ongoing support for members.
  • Inviting members on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services to be part of the COVID-19 response.

April–May 2020

  • Continued to work with suppliers and the government to source PPE.
  • Developed and held return to practice and other COVID-10 related webinars.
  • Successfully advocated for a return to level 2 dental restrictions, 27 April. Most elective surgery resumed.
  • Successfully advocated for dental practices to receive Victorian funding for small businesses.
  • Successfully advocated for a return to level 1 dental restrictions, 09 May. Some Victorian activity restrictions eased.
  • Membership renewal fees were deferred to 1 October.

March 2020

  • A dental restriction framework, created by the ADA and endorsed by the AHPPC, helped avoid a complete closure of dental practices.
  • COVID-19 resources were created.
  • Regular webinars were held.
  • Secured a limited supply of masks from the national government stockpile.

January–February 2020

  • Member advisory services were expanded.
  • Began working with suppliers and government to secure mask supply.
  • Established contact with the AHPPC to ensure dental representation.
  • The AHPPC identified aerosol generating dental procedures as high risk for COVID-19 transmission.
  • Ran a media campaign to access masks from the national government stockpile.

Further information

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