Case presentations on treatment planning

Thu 29 October 2020

Case presentations on treatment planning

Learn how to undertake a structured approach to complex treatment planning.

Session 1

Presented by Dr David Goode
The old saying ‘fail to plan and plan to fail’ holds true in all areas of life, including dental practice. Careful planning lies at the heart of health care, yet we often make significant decisions on the spot! How can patients make informed decisions if we don’t present them with enough information in the first place? In this workshop, we will discuss a structured approach to comprehensive treatment planning along with a system for presenting options to our patients to increase engagement while reducing impulsive decisions and associated stress.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply a structured approach to comprehensive treatment planning
  • Integrate this approach into everyday practice
  • Introduce a simple but personalised approach to presenting patients with treatment options enabling them to make informed decisions
  • Reduce uncertainty and stress in everyday practice.

Session 2 

Presented by Dr Simon Watson

Successful complex treatment planning requires us to be able to ‘see the endpoint’ before starting treatment, and to map out a predictable and efficient pathway to achieve the goals of treatment. The requirements include a patient-centred sound understanding of both the long-term risks of the overall treatment plan compared with alternative treatment options, and the likely risks and complications associated with delivering the treatment, as well as understanding and accepting our own strengths and limitations as clinicians to know when to refer.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognise a variety of treatment options for various clinical situations
  • Identify risks and success rates associated with various treatment modalities
  • Recognise the types of challenges that more complex treatment modalities bring to the clinical environment
  • Reduce complications in our own clinical practice.

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