CPR training for the whole practice DECEMBER

Sorry ! This event is not available at the moment


This online blended learning and hands-on session will proceed as follows:

  1. Online lectures via learning management system will be provided on week prior to the course (access link will be send via email by Young Medical School).
  2. A short multiple choice questions (MCQ) to cement your knowledge on the lecture topics.
  3. Hands-on on the event date.


Sarah Chmait 

Sarah Chmait is the Founder and Managing Director of Young Medical School. Sarah is an experienced first aid trainer with a passion for teaching life-saving skills to workplaces and members of the public.

With over fifteen years of experience in the health care sector as a Nurse, Sarah has trained hundreds of people in various industries and has worked internationally creating policies and procedures. Sarah holds a comprehensive understanding of first aid procedures and protocols, and is certified to teach a range of courses, including CPR, AED, BLS, Asthma and Anaphylaxis.

Sarah's teaching style is highly engaging and interactive, creating a welcoming and encouraging learning environment. She has seen the devastation caused by delaying treatment to a victim and believes a first responder can make the difference between life, death and permanent disabilities.

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