Making room for the airway

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Dr Deborah Amott

Dr Amott, ENT Surgeon, has subspeciality interests in paediatric ENT and upper airway surgery to address snoring and OSA. She works closely with physicians, paediatricians, and her local dentist colleagues to address the symptoms and consequences of snoring/OSA in children and adults. After all, everyone – patients, families, partners – deserves as good night’s sleep.

Dr Mehmet Darendeliler

Dr Mehmet Darendeliler is Professor and Chair of Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Sydney, and Head of the Orthodontic Department at Sydney Dental Hospital. During the course of his career, he has undertaken duties at the University of Geneva, University of North Carolina, University of Southern California, University of Istanbul and University of Gazi. He has been doing research on sleep apnoea since 1997.

Associate Professor Michael Stubbs

Associate Professor Michael Stubbs is an Oral Medicine Specialist treating patients with oral mucosal disease, TMD and other chronic oro-facial pain. Michael also teaches oral medicine at the Rural School of Dentistry, La Trobe University.

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