Ridge preservation versus guided bone regeneration

Fri 05 June 2020

Ridge preservation versus guided bone regeneration

Learn when to choose ridge preservation or guided bone regeneration (GBR).

Following extraction, there are several time points at which a dental implant can be inserted to replace the missing tooth. Most commonly, implants are placed in the early post-extraction healing period. Early implant placement is often accompanied by bone augmentation using the principles of GBR. More recently, alveolar ridge preservation (ARP) has been proposed as an alternative. With this approach, the socket is grafted with a bone substitute upon extraction to prevent resorption of the ridge. The implant is then placed several month later.  

Explore the underlying biological principles and supporting evidence for early implant placement/GBR and ARP/implant placement, and the inclusion and exclusion criteria for each approach.

You will learn:

  • The principles of early implant placement combined with GBR
  • The principles of ARP
  • The clinical indications and case selection for the two procedures.

Presented by Associate Professor Stephen Chen AM

CPD hours: 1 clinical hour

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