The lessons school forgot: We need entrepreneurs

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4:00pm: Registration

4:30pm: Welcome 

4:35pm: Presentation - from our partner, PSA

4:50pm: Presentation - Steve Sammartino, ‘The lessons school forgot: We need entrepreneurs’

5:50pm: Tour of the Marvel Stadium

6:40pm: Dinner and networking

8:30pm: Close


Steve Sammartino 

Steve Sammartino is the host and creator TV Show The Rebound – a future focused weekly TV show on Channel 9, broadcast nationally. The show empowers people to get the most of out technology in their career and business. Now in it’s second season, it is showing in three other countries via the Discovery Channel.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it. And no one has a more profound understanding of what it’s going to be like than Steve Sammartino. But knowing what the future holds and being able to do something about it are two different prospects, entirely. You need more than a tour guide to get you there. You need innovation in action. You need to listen to Steve Sammartino.  

Turns out, people do. Last year alone, Steve spoke to over 100,000 people in 14 countries, which is why he’s Australia’s leading futurist and international keynote speaker. Steve Sammartino is also the author of two best-selling tech strategy books: The Great Fragmentation (a technology strategy playbook) and The Lesson School Forgot (the industrialisation of teaching) and how to liberate our inner entrepreneur. 

In 2020, Steve created the hugely successful TV show, The Rebound (Nine Network), a six part series about helping Australian businesses bounce back.
As a tech entrepreneur and growth hacker, Steve Sammartino has an intimate knowledge of the tools reshaping our world and how they affect business. He’ll show you how to use those tools to ignite the future, reinvent yourself and transform where and how you get work done, thus creating a culture of making change happen.
Steve Sammartino employs his sharp sense of humour to communicate complex ideas in a simple way, leaving the audience excited about the future, instead of frightened of it.

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