Unscheduled patients and rapid decision-making – Part 2

Wed 10 June 2020

Unscheduled patients and rapid decision-making – Part 2

Get tips for managing unscheduled patients who present at your surgery. Two sessions held over two days.

Part 1: Wednesday 6 May

Trauma: Should I extirpate the pulp?

Presented by Dr Michael Yoon

Managing the dental trauma of an unscheduled patient can be highly stressful to both the patient and the dentist. During this appointment, there are critical decisions that have to be made. Learn how to determine, whether the pulp will need to be extirpated at this emergency appointment.

Communication under pressure

Presented by Dr Elizabeth Milford

When the dental clinic feels like a pressure cooker, emotions can run high. Time pressures, pain, fatigue; all these can make a situation where saying the right thing is vital. Learn how to cut through the chaos and deliver meaningful and impactful messages with these core communication skills.

Part 2: Wednesday 10 June

Endodontic management

Presented by Dr Averil Tse

Providing effective relief and appropriate management of acute symptoms related to endodontic disease can be challenging at the best of times, let alone when under time pressure. Learn clinically effective strategies to diagnose and manage endodontic pain when only a limited amount of time may be available. Receive quick tips and practical tricks on how to successfully temporise a tooth as well as endodontically manage a tooth in pain.

Periodontal management

Presented by Dr Benedicta Wong

Pain of periodontal origin can sometimes be the cause of odontogenic pain, resulting in patients seeking treatment. To adequately manage pain, it is of paramount importance to adequately diagnose its cause and distinguish whether the orofacial pain is periodontal, pulpal or non-odontogenic. Explore the diagnosis and management of pain from periodontal origin, and learn tips and practical tricks on how to successfully manage a tooth in pain from periodontal origin.

Extraction tips

Presented by Dr Nova Gibson

Treating the emergency extraction patient is a highlight in my week. Nothing is more satisfying than a patient in distress with dental pain being treated and leaving the surgery, pain free and problem solved.

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