17 June 2021

Changes to advice on QR Codes

All businesses are required to use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service unless an exception applies. Dental practices are not listed as an exception from this requirement, and have until 11:59pm 24 June 2021 to become compliant.

Anyone attending a workplace must check in, regardless of how long they spend at the venue. This includes staff, patients and support people or family members, contractors and delivery people.

For patients or visitors without a smart phone, businesses can set-up a kiosk check-in service in the Services Victoria app. This allows businesses to use their own smart phone, tablet or computer to check-in visitors, making it easier to capture their details so that contact tracers can contact people quickly if an outbreak occurs.

If a business that is required to keep electronic records is found without the free Victorian Government QR Code Service in place, or is not requiring customers to check in, they may be issued with a $1652 on-the-spot fine for non-compliance. An improvement notice may be issued at the same time to ensure the non-compliance is rectified.