25 November 2021

COVID-19 resources

Keep up to date with the COVID-19 situation in Victoria and what this means for your practice.

We encourage ADAVB members and authorised practice managers to check our website for a range of helpful COVID-19 information and resources: adavb.org/covid19. The information is regularly updated and includes:

  • Recent updates and what this means for your practice
  • Guidance to assist members in appropriate PPE
  • Important information on the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirement, vaccination safety and how to address vaccination hesitancy and misinformation
  • Guidance in dealing with potential COVID-19 exposure in your practice
  • How to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the dental practice
  • Advice and support including webinars and HR advice
  • FAQs: Helpful answers to a compilation of frequently asked questions by our members.

Not a member? Find out more and join the ADAVB to be kept up to date and supported with member-only services and resources.