10 March 2020

COVID-19 update for members

We are working with the ADA to ensure that our members have the most up to date information about COVID-19.

We applaud and welcome the news on Sunday 8 March that the federal government has secured a supply of face masks for dental and medical professionals. Through the ongoing effective advocacy of ADA and branches, a combination of surgical masks, P2 and N95 respirators, which form part of the National Medical Stockpile, will be set aside for the dental profession. More information will be provided to members as it becomes available.

The situation with COVID-19 is constantly changing. There are now more than 100 confirmed cases across Australia, and 15 in Victoria, including the first case of community transmission. We have been working with ADA to ensure that members have access to the most up to date information. We will continue to monitor and update members on a regular basis.

Further information

ADA website news: A win for ADA with new masks sourced

ADA website COVID-19 information and resources (member login required): https://www.ada.org.au/covid19

Victorian Department of Health and Human services website: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus