03 August 2023

Update - COVID-19 vaccination information regulations

The ADAVB advises private-sector dental practices in Victoria that by 11 August 2023, they should arrange for the destruction of any worker COVID-19 vaccination information recorded or held under the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (COVID-19 Vaccination Information) Regulations 2022 (Regulations).

This in accordance with the recent WorkSafe Victoria directive found here.

The ADAVB is of the view that private dental practices are not permitted or required under other laws to collect or use COVID-19 vaccination information of workers, and therefore are required to comply with the Worksafe directive.   

The Regulations do not specify how the relevant information should be destroyed, but it is recommended that dental practices:

  • notify affected persons that the information is now being destroyed and
  • destroy the data securely, and in a manner that avoids inadvertent disclosure of the information to a third party.

The destruction of records would include the redaction of COVID-19 employee vaccination records from employee files, accreditation immunisation register and digital Medicare reports.

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