02 August 2022

Dental Health Week 2022

Resources and our top five tips to keep your teeth and smile for life.

This year's Dental Health Week is up and running, with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) encouraging people to ‘Love your teeth’.

Here are our tips for maintaining good oral health:

1) Take your teeth on a date to the dentist
You may not have been for a little while or it may be time for your regular check-up. Why not take your teeth on a date and see your dentist? Your teeth will thank you.

2) Care for your teeth by brushing every day
Show your teeth you care by brushing twice daily. Brush once in the morning and once at night. At night, brushing is best done last thing before bed, with no food or drinks after.

3) Spoil your teeth by cleaning between them every day
Cleaning between teeth helps remove bacteria and food that has built up during the day. Not cleaning these spaces may cause inflamed gums or tooth decay.

4) Treat your teeth to healthy foods and drinks
The World Health Organization recommends that adults have no more than six teaspoons (24 grams) of sugar each day. Sticking to this recommendation can decrease the risk of tooth decay. Drink water instead of sugary drinks, and if having a sweet treat, consume it with a main meal instead of snacking on it between meals. For more details, visit teeth.org.au/sugar

5) Show your teeth love by using them for their intended purpose
Teeth are made to chew and smile. They are not made for opening bottles or packets. These habits can increase the risk of breaking or cracking teeth. Love your teeth by only using them for their intended purpose.

For more information and tips on caring for your teeth and mouth, check out the ADA’s consumer website. Dental practices or other institutions seeking to promote Dental Health Week can download resources here.