11 August 2021

Lockdown extended in metropolitan Melbourne

The Victorian Premier has announced that the lockdown for metropolitan Melbourne will be extended until midnight Thursday 19 August 2021. 

Metropolitan Melbourne

Dental practitioners in metropolitan Melbourne are still only permitted to provide dental services for the management of patients with urgent needs or care where failure to do so in a clinically appropriate timeframe will lead to adverse outcomes. These restrictions are part of the Restricted Activity Directions issued by the Victorian Government under the authority of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic) and are legally binding. Penalties apply for failure to comply with these restrictions.

Restrictions on dental services are designed to balance the need to access necessary dental care with the reduction of movement of people in the community. This should guide clinical decision making. Clinicians should take a risk-based approach during this period. There is more information here to provide guidance. The ADAVB won’t provide specific advice on what treatment can or cannot be provided – dentists must exercise their clinical judgement to determine whether a delay in care will lead to adverse outcomes.

Regional Victoria

Dental practices in regional Victoria continue to operate with no restrictions on dental practice, but should continue to screen patients for symptoms and attendance at exposure sites.

Further information: adavb.org/resources/for-dental-professionals/covid-19/recent-updates