23 April 2020

Moving to Level 2 dental restrictions

Level 2 restrictions for dentistry will commence on Monday 27 April.

The ADAVB is pleased with the announcement from National Cabinet advising that dentistry will move to Level 2 restrictions on Monday 27 April. This announcement is the result of significant advocacy from the ADA and ADAVB.

It is important to ensure that you are familiar with the requirements of Level 2 restrictions, and dentists are encouraged to plan their transition carefully.

Although the number of cases of community transmission remain low in Victoria, you should still continue to screen your patients for cold and flu symptoms over the phone and when they present to the practice, and apply the Managing COVID-19 Guidelines available on the ADA website.

Access to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to be a concern, although we are now seeing greater availability. Please refer to the ADA website for further information about PPE and stock availability.

We encourage you to discuss your eligibility for the JobKeeper payment with your accountant, and strongly urge you to apply if you are eligible to do so.

The ADAVB continues to advocate to the Victorian Government for more support for dental practices and their employees. We will keep you updated of all progress as we continue our advocacy to support our members.