16 July 2021

Update to dental restrictions in Victoria

We’re pleased to advise following our advocacy efforts this week, including late into last night and throughout today, the Department of Health has finally issued updated guidance for dental practitioners.

We appreciate your patience as we worked with government advisers to bring you this welcome update. The announcement of community restrictions for all Victorians reflects the increasing case numbers and community transmission of COVID-19. The updated restrictions allow authorised health services to continue and this includes “dental services undertaken by oral health professionals in the management of patients with urgent needs or care where failure to do so in a clinically appropriate timeframe will lead to adverse outcomes".

The primary goal of the community-based restrictions is to minimise movement to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Therefore, restrictions on dental services are designed to balance the need to access necessary dental care with the reduction of movement of people in the community. This should guide clinical decision making. Clinicians should take a risk-based approach during this period.

Please refer to this guidance document. The ADAVB won’t provide specific advice on what treatment can or cannot be provided – dentists must exercise their clinical judgement to determine whether a delay in care will lead to adverse outcomes.

It is important to screen patients prior to attendance at the dental clinic. Patients should be screened for possible COVID-19 symptoms, and possible attendance at any exposure sites exposure sites.

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