13 February 2021

Updated dental restrictions

Updated government advice regarding provision of emergency dental care by dentists in BOTH the public and private sector.

Updated government advice for all dentists in both the public and private sector:

Procedures and surgical treatment undertaken by dentists in the management of:

i. patients with obvious facial swelling due to infection i.e. vestibular swelling (no trismus), facial swelling (with trismus); or
ii. facial trauma; or
iii. severe unrelenting pain.

The original government advice only allowed for dentists in the public sector to provide emergency dental care during this lockdown. As a result of our discussions this has now been updated to include all dentists in both the public and private sector. Dentists should only provide emergency care within the framework described above.

We will keep members updated as the situation unfolds and more information can be found at www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus.