ADAVB BOQ Specialist Recent Graduate Bursary

The ADAVB BOQ Specialist Recent Graduate CPD Bursary is a professional development grant that commenced in 2019 as part of a long-standing partnership between ADA Victoria Branch and BOQ Specialist.

This bursary is offered annually and is open to any current ADAVB member who first registered as a dentist in Australia between 2015 and 2023. It is a condition that applicants must not be serving a current term in office on ADAVB Council or Standing Committees at the time of the application.

In 2023, ADAVB and BOQ Specialist offered a grant of $5000 to the wining applicant - as well as a grant of $2500 to the runner up applicant.   

Applications have closed for the 2023 ADAVB BOQ Specialist Recent Graduate Bursary and recipients will be announced soon



Congratulations to the past recipients of this bursary

2022: Dr Terence Lau
2021: Dr Evangeline Alphonse 
2020: Dr Suet Yen Leong
2019: Dr Amy Thompson

Hear from recent recipients

Dr Terence Lau, 2022 recipient: "The bursary gave me the opportunity to attend high quality ADAVB CPD events, which was fantastic both from a personal and professional growth perspective. It was valuable to be able to continue to upskill, so that I can serve the ultimate goal of providing safe and up-to-date evidence based care for patients."

Dr Evangeline Alphonse, 2021 recipient: “We’ve used the bursary to run clinic wide training and on-site CPD, including consulting services with ADAVB Practice Plus and they’ve been outstanding. Applying for this bursary, whether you win it or not, is a great way to reflect on what you’ve achieved as a dentist and to be proud of how much you’ve given back to this profession and your community.”


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