Team Building and Upskilling

Receive help from our Practice Plus consultants to ensure your team and work practises are at the highest standard.

Team building

Practice Plus consultants can work with your staff to develop a more cohesive working environment. This will include undertaking individual interviews to ascertain any issues, then facilitating appropriate staff development exercises, which lead to a more collaborative workplace.

Review efficiency and workflow

We can help you by:

  • Ensuring there is systematic flow at reception, clear of obstructions and possible occupational health and safety (OHS) risks
  • Reviewing the appointment procedure, and patient check in and out procedure to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Reviewing new patient registration
  • Providing advice regarding the appearance of the reception and waiting area to ensure patient comfort, privacy and ease of movement
  • Reviewing suitable facilities for speaking to patients on the telephone and carrying out accounts tasks in private, such as banking
  • Providing a friendly critique on OHS risks
  • Reviewing documentation procedures.

Review policy and procedures

If your practice has a comprehensive policy and procedure manual, Practice Plus can help you update it to meet current regulatory guidelines and legislation, or review it in preparation for practice accreditation.

Recruitment, retention and performance of staff

We can assess your performance review forms and educate practice principals and/or practice managers on the importance and use of documentation for a personnel file to meet the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and future practice accreditation requirements.

Establish person-specific position descriptions

We tailor standard template position descriptions to meet the needs of your practice.

Construct a person-specific performance review form

Performance reviews are an important tool for giving and gaining staff feedback. To provide the best feedback, they should be constructed in line with the role and duties of the individual. Practice Plus can help you create your performance review forms.

Developing advertisements for staff

We obtain details about the position, expectations, type of practice fit, type of media you are choosing to advertise with, plus more from you via telephone, and then forward the wording for the advertisement to you to place the ad.

Staff management, delegation and responsibilities

We can evaluate the effectiveness of the management structure in line with job descriptions and define areas of responsibility and delegation within the practice.

Review staff conduct, presentation and customer service

If there is no code of conduct for all employees and contractors, we can assist in the establishment and implementation of a code. This may include dress code, telephone answering, punctuality, greeting patients, conduct at reception, and responses to difficult patients or patient enquiries. We can also review an existing code on how staff present themselves or how to prioritise a busy reception desk.

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