Dental staff courses and guide

Here are ways that our member dental assistants can qualify or consolidate their knowledge.

1) Reach your potential through a range of nationally recognised, accredited qualifications with Foundation Education. With the help of a wide range of accredited courses, ADAVB members can formalise their prior experience in the dental industry, learn the latest skills and advance the standard of care they provide – all at a discounted price! Explore Foundation Education courses here.

2) View our online dental courses. Learn or consolidate best practice key principles with this free ADAVB member 10-part video series, provided thanks to ADANSW.

This fantastic series, set in 10 helpful short videos, is primarily aimed at dental assistants. The topics focus on the fundamental key principles that guides safe practice. The video format allows viewers to see the videos when time permits at your own pace. This resource is particularly relevant to orientate new professionals.

Simply click on the tile at the bottom of the page of the video you wish to watch. ADAVB member login is required.

Please note, these resources were produced before the COVID-19 pandemic. You should observe current directives about restriction levels and guidelines.

If you require further information, please contact our Practice Plus team. 

Patient Privacy and Medical History

Understand the purpose, confidentiality and privacy obligations related to sensitive patient information.

Professional Presentation and Attire

Your general attire says a lot about your commitment to a safe professional dental service.

Orientation of the Treatment Room

Receive an overview of a typical treatment area.

Clean and Dirty

Learn how to minimise the risk of microbial transmission by establishing and maintaining zones throughout the practice.

Setting up the Treatment Room

Explore how to set up for patient treatment and eliminate the risk of cross infection.

Personal Protective Equipment

Learn the importance of selection and sequence of putting on and taking off personal protective equipment.

Hand Hygiene

Examine the acceptable principles of hand hygiene in dental practice.

Staying safe at work

Learn why workplace health and safety principles are important for the prevention of adverse effects on health and wellbeing.

Cleaning the Treatment Room

A clean dental practice is a safe dental practice. To prevent and control infection, learn what, how, when and why to clean.

Orientation to the Sterilisation Room

Examine how key pieces of equipment and flows in the sterilising area contribute to ensuring patient and staff safety.