Safety and quality

Our Practice Plus safety and quality resources will help you manage safety and quality standards in your practice.

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How to register for practice accreditation
Document review checklist: PDF | DOC | editable PDF
Victorian-specific information for accreditation


Informed consent audit
Patient healthcare records audit
Privacy audit
Medication safety audit and action plan
Escalation of care protocol
Infection prevention and control audit: PDF | editable PDF
Hand hygiene compliance audit
Environmental cleaning audit: PDFeditable pdfDOC

Occupational health and safety

Occupational violence and aggression (OVA)           
Investigation of an OVA incident   
OVA checklist 
OVA policy  
First aid obligations, training and equipment
Incident report: PDF | editable PDF
Spills management: PDF | editable PDF
Blood and body fluid exposure protocol
Staff education and professional development record

Electrical safety
Electrical safety
Electrical safety Q&As for patient areas [Energy Safe Victoria]

Radiation management plan [Victorian Department of Health template with guidance notes, in green, from the ADAVB]
Radiation use and management in dental practice - Victoria
Radiation licensing Tasmania

Policies and procedures
Document and procedural review schedule
Incidents, complaints, risks and quality improvement 
Incidents, complaints and risk register 
Fire safety and emergency management plan
Practice/staff meeting agenda and minutes template
Risk analysis template

Waste management
Waste tracker presentation [Environmental Protection Authority]
Waste management and your environmental duties
Dental amalgam waste FAQs – Victoria
Dental amalgam waste FAQs – Tasmania
Recycling in your practice