Safety and quality

Our Practice Plus safety and quality resources will help you manage safety and quality standards in your practice.

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How to register for practice accreditation
Document review checklist: PDF | DOC | editable PDF
Victorian-specific information for accreditation


Informed consent audit
Patient records management and documentation audit
Privacy audit
Medication safety audit and action plan
Escalation of care protocol
How to prepare for a WorkSafe audit
Infection prevention and control audit: PDF | editable PDF
Hand hygiene compliance audit
Environmental cleaning audit: PDFeditable pdfDOC

Occupational health and safety

Occupational violence and aggression (OVA)           
Investigation of an OVA incident   
OVA checklist 
OVA policy  
First aid obligations, training and equipment
Incident report: PDF | editable PDF
Spills management: PDF | editable PDF
Blood and body fluid exposure protocol
Dental assistant and administration training and professional development record: PDF | DOC

Electrical safety
Electrical safety
Electrical safety Q&As for patient areas [Energy Safe Victoria]


Radiation management plan [Victorian Department of Health template with guidance notes, in green, from the ADAVB]
Radiation use and management licence [Updated December 2022]
Radiation information
Radiation licensing Tasmania

Policies and procedures
Document and procedural review schedule
Incidents, complaints, risks and quality improvement 
Incidents, complaints and risk register 
Fire safety and emergency management plan
Practice/staff meeting agenda and minutes template
Risk analysis template

Waste management
Waste tracker presentation [Environmental Protection Authority]
Waste management and your environmental duties
Dental amalgam waste FAQs – Victoria
Dental amalgam waste FAQs – Tasmania
Recycling in your practice