Our posters cover a range of oral health topics. These resources are versatile and can be used in dental practices, other healthcare settings, schools, universities and more.

Healthy teeth, happy kids

It can be difficult getting children to understand the importance of good oral health and how to take care of their teeth (without tears!). This poster, developed with the children's band The Mik Maks, shows children how they can look after their teeth and have fun at the same time.


Cleaning in between teeth

This poster explains how to floss and use interdental brushes effectively.


Erosion: Are you washing away your teeth?

Learn about dental erosion and what causes it in this poster.


Tooth decay: Learn to spot the warning signs

Learn to spot the signs of tooth decay and how to prevent it in this poster.


What’s in your baby’s bottle?

This poster gives you helpful tips for taking care of your baby's teeth.