Infection prevention and control

Use these Practice Plus infection prevention and control resources to help you ensure you are meeting your legal obligations.

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Compliance and supplementary resources

Infection prevention and control resource list

Occupational health and safety

Blood and body fluid exposure protocol 
Incident report: editable PDF
Spills management: editable PDF


Dental unit water quality
Reprocessing daily monitoring and recording
Reprocessing monitoring sheet: PDF | DOC


Steriliser cycle record: PDF | editable PDF | DOC  
Sterilising: Preparing and releasing loads from the steriliser
Validation: Understanding and performing validation of the sterilisation process
Recall notice: PDF | DOC
Recall lookback report: PDF | DOC
Recall and lookback procedure
Recall and lookback flowchart 

Staff health

Immunisation and allergies record: PDF 


Infection prevention and control audit: PDF | editable PDF
Hand hygiene compliance audit
Environmental cleaning audit: editable PDFDOC

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