ADAVB Awards

The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) awards members and other affiliated persons for their service to the profession and the ADAVB.

These awards recognise significant contributions to at least one of the following:

  • Furthering the profession in a particular field of dentistry
  • The ADA
  • Dentistry as a whole
  • The community as a whole.

In 2024 we introduced our inaugural Branch Service Award, awarded to select ADAVB Staff Members in recognition of their outstanding service.

Awards will be presented at the ADAVB Awards Dinner on Friday 2 August after the Convention. Nominations for our next awards will open in early 2025.

For more information, please contact

Award for distinguished service recipients

2024     Dr S Wise, Dr G Fast
2023     Dr B Cvetkovic, Dr G Farmer, Dr F Wardlaw, Dr G Clausen 
2022     Dr E Agnew, Dr J-A Cherry
2021     Dr V Hardi, Dr A Robertson
2020     A/Prof N Kilpatrick, Dr J Graham
2019     A/Prof W Bischof, Dr T Cutler, Prof M Woods, A/Prof I Hewson OAM
2017     Dr S Chen, A/Prof J Shand, Dr G Burt
2016     Prof D Manton
2015     Dr M Bowman, Dr R Green, Dr G Morris
2014     Dr J Boucher, Dr C Callahan
2013     Dr E Crawford, Prof E Reynolds AO, Dr D Lawry
2012     E Mourant
2011     Dr S Cottrell, Emeritus Prof L Brearley Messer
2009     Dr D Curnow
2008     A/Prof A Heggie, Dr A Parker OAM, D Wiesenfeld
2007     A/Prof G Quail
2006     Dr G Knight, Dr J Locke
2004     G Pearson
2003     Dr A Burns, Dr M Burns OAM, I Crawford
2002     Dr P Johansen, Dr J Isaacs MBE
2001     Dr D Behrend, Dr D Hurley, Dr R King
2000     Dr G Dickinson, S Hutton OAM, R Story AM RFD
1999     Dr R Cook AM, A/Prof M Tyas AM, A/Prof R Hall OAM
1998     P Rashleigh
1995     Dr A Cattermole
1994     Dr R Milner
1992     E Feiner
1990     Dr V Amerena, Dr D Loader
1989     Dr M Sullivan, Dr W Chalmers
1988     Prof E Storey, Dr L Williams, Dr P Finch
1987     S Jensen
1986     Dr R Gillies
1985     E Valmont 

Dentistry achievement award recipients

2024    Mrs P Clark, Dr C Homewood
2023    Dr C Reid (regional and rural Victoria), Dr L Cracknell (volunteering)      
2022    Associate Professor Gelsomina Borromeo (special needs dentistry), Dr E Magee (long term committee participation), Dr B Sokel (regional and rural Victoria), Dr M Stacey (caries research and teaching), Dr P Waltham (volunteering)
2021    Dr S Zaks (post trauma dental anxiety)      
2020    Dr I Cernavin (dental defence and laser dentistry), Dr A Coveney (regional and rural Victoria)
2017    Mr G Dimitroulis (OMS), Dr M Hall (public dentistry)
2016    A/Prof J Brownbill (service to the Melbourne Dental School in paediatric dentistry), Dr L Wordsworth (long term as a committee chair)
2014    Dr B Creighton (paramedic volunteering), Dr N Cochrane (caries research and oral health promotion), Dr T Collett (ADAVB group activity and overseas volunteering)
2013    Dr D Bailey (eviDent Foundation), Dr R Bastiaan AM (RFD, military plaques), Prof M Morgan (fluoridation)
2012    Dr A Dickinson (dental practice regulation), Dr R Goldberg OAM (community projects) and Prof S Tan (brain research)
2011    Mr G Fowler (regional and rural Victoria)
2010    Dr S Orme (ADAVB Clinical Update contributor), Dr D Goldsmith (overseas volunteering), Dr G Bowell (hospital dentistry)
2009    Mr W J Besly (overseas volunteering), Dr D Whelan (rural public dentistry)
2008    Dr N Hewson (long service on ADAVB Council), Dr S Koshy (public dentistry), Dr T Roseman (community service and management in public health sector)
2007    Dr G Nervo (endodontics: teaching, education, research and clinical advancement)
2005    Dr P Dalgliesh (contribution to the 25th anniversary celebrations of water fluoridation of Melbourne's water supply), Dr P Wong (domiciliary services)
2004    Dr A Lawrence (long term as a committee chairman) and Dr P Zimet, Dr J Rattray, Dr D Highfield (long term as committee chairs)
2003    Dr B Drysdale (CRO/PC), Dr S C Warneke AM (hospital dentistry)
2002    Dr G Dickinson, A/Prof B Levant, Dr C Newbury CBE, Dr G Oakley AM, Prof E Storey ED (fluoridation implementation)
1999    Dr B Feiglin (traumatology conference)
1998    Dr J A M Robertson AM (overseas volunteering)

Branch Service Award

2024     Ms Y Bachtiar, Ms C Workman