Committees are an essential part of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB), using the skills and expertise of members to further improve the Association, and advance the dental profession and the dental health of Victorians.

Nominations are open from 1 April until 30 June 2023 to join any of the following committees.

Please nominate using this form. 

We encourage you to give back to your profession.

Constitution and Policy Committee

The Constitution and Policy Committee advises Council on matters related to the ADAVB Rules, By-Laws and Policy Statements.
Current committee members are:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee

The CPD Committee advises and plans the provision of regular high-quality CPD activities for dentists, allied dental personnel and other bodies.
Current committee members are:

Defence Advisory Committee

The Defence Advisory Committee provides advice on clinical and other dental related matters to the ADAVB’s professional indemnity insurer and solicitors.
Current committee members are:

Disputes and Ethics Committee

The Disputes and Ethics Committee conducts investigations into disputes and ethical complaints, and makes recommendations to Council.
Current committee members are:

Finance Risk and Audit Committee

Note: Finance, Risk and Audit Committee is not a standing committee. It is established pursuant to Rule 73 of the ADAVB Constitution.
Current members are:

Honours and Awards Committee

The Honours and Awards Committee makes recommendations for internal and external honours and awards given to ADAVB members.
Current committee members are:

Oral Health Committee

The Oral Health Committee informs members, other healthcare professionals and the general public about the prevention of oral diseases and the maintenance of good oral health.
Current committee members are:

Professional Provident Fund (PPF) Policy Advisory Committee

The PPF Policy Advisory Committee represents the interests of members of the PPSF, and provides advice to Council on matters related to the operation of the PPSF and other superannuation-related matters.
Current committee members are:

Public Dentistry Committee

The Public Dentistry Committee advises Council on public dental policy, and hospital and community dental needs; public sector dentists’ participation in the ADA; and public sector dentists working conditions and remuneration.
Current committee members are:

Recent Graduates and Students Committee

The Recent Graduates and Students Committee acts as a reference point for the planning of support activities for students and recent graduates, both locally and overseas trained, during their transition to dental practitioners and in the early stages of their career. Meet the committee.
Current committee members are:

Sports and Social Committee

The Sports and Social Committee organises events to bring together ADAVB members in relaxed sporting and social environments.
Current committee members are:

Third Party Committee

The Third Party Committee monitors and advises on third-party influences in the dental profession, including health funds, corporates and government-funding agencies.
Current committee members are:


ADC: Australian Dental Council
Alt PR: Alternate President's Representative
CPDC: Continuing Professional Development Committee
DHAA: Dental Hygienists Association Australia
DHSV: Dental Health Services Victoria
PR: President's Representative
RG&SC: Recent Graduates and Students Committee