Our Council is elected by members to represent the dental profession and to achieve the mission and goals of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB). 


Please contact the councillors below to discuss issues, achievements or concerns. You can also hear from and meet councillors at ADAVB Group and other events. Keep an eye out for upcoming events on our training and events page.

Dr Angelo Pacella

Dr Angelo Pacella graduated from The University of Melbourne and has been a member of ADA since 1989. He has served on the Third Party Committee for several years, and was previously Chair of the committee. Dr Pacella served on the Department of Health Services Victoria Voucher Review Advisory Panel in 2013. He has also been a speaker to final-year dental students and recent graduates.

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Dr Jeremy Sternson

Dr Jeremy Sternson graduated from The University of Melbourne in 1995 and has worked in both public and private clinics. He did his FRACDS in 2004 and has been an examiner and committee member. Dr Sternson was a clinical demonstrator for seven years at The University of Melbourne and is an honorary fellow at the university. He is a former Chair and current Treasurer of the eviDent Foundation Board, and is the Deputy Co-Chair of the eviDent DPBRN Committee. Dr Sternson holds an FADI, FPFA and FICD. He is Vice President of the ACAD, an ADC examiner, and former AOSVB Councillor and AOS Federal Organiser. Dr Sternson is the President’s representative on the ADAVB CPD Committee and member of the ADAVB Sports and Social Committee.

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Dr Andrew J Barnes

Dr Andrew J Barnes began on Council in 1996, and has served as Honorary Treasurer, Vice President and President (2001/02). He has been a member and Chair of the Legislation, (then) Recent Graduates, and Finance and Audit committees. Dr Barnes is Deputy Chair of the Disputes and Ethics Committee. He is a consultant with the Department of Veterans Affairs and a Dental Advisor to the Department of Health. He has also served on the Department of Human Services’ Dental Intern Working Party.

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Dr Mark Bowman

Dr Mark Bowman began as Group Q (Inner Melbourne) Secretary in 1986, joined Council in 2004, and served as President (2007/08) and Honorary Secretary (2010–2014). He has served on several committees, is a member of the Constitution and Policy Committee, and Chair of the Finance Risk and Audit Committee. Dr Bowman was a Federal Councillor (2008–2014) and a member of the Federal Policy Committee (2009–2014). He is a Past President Australian Society of Periodontology (ASP) Vic Branch (2003/04) and Federal President ASP (2010–2012). He is a consultant with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and adviser to the Department of Health.

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Dr Igor Cernavin

Dr Igor Cernavin graduated from The University of Adelaide in 1971 and worked in Adelaide for a year before heading to the UK for three years, and then returning to settle in Melbourne. He ran a general practice in St Albans and in 1992 graduated as a prosthodontist, working from both St Albans and Toorak until retiring in 2017. He has been teaching at the Melbourne Dental School, is a former Chair of the Defence Committee, and the Australian representative to The World Federation of Laser Dentistry. Dr Cernavin is a member of the ADA Dental Instruments, Materials & Equipment Committee.

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Dr David Curnow

Dr David Curnow was elected to Council in 1992 and was President in 2002/03 after serving as Honorary Treasurer and Vice President. He has served on and chaired numerous committees, and is currently a member of the Defence Advisory Committee. He is an ADAVB representative on the Guild Liaison Committee and Chair of ADA Schedule and Third Party Committee. Dr Curnow was Chair of the 37th Dental Congress in 2017, an external examiner at La Trobe University Dental School and member of the South East Melbourne Medicare Local eHealth Advisory Group (2013–2015). He was a mentor in the ADAVB mentoring program and at Ormond College. He was awarded the ADAVB Award for Distinguished Service in 2009 and the ADA Service Medallion in 2013. In 2020, Dr Curnow was elected an Honorary Life Member.

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Dr Andrew Gikas

Federal Councillor
Dr Andrew Gikas was elected to Council in 2012, appointed to Executive Committee in 2014 and elected President for 2016/17. He served as Secretary then Chair of Suburban Group J (Port Phillip) (2005–2011), and served on multiple committees. He is the Chair of the Disputes and Ethics Committee. Dr Gikas has volunteered with the Monash Preschool Dental Program, was member of ADAVB Health Promoting Practices Working Group and represented the ADAVB on DHSV’s Health Families Healthy Smiles Reference Group. He has been active in dental sleep medicine with the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) and the Institute of Sleep and Breathing (IBAS) at the Austin Hospital.

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Dr Andrew Heredia

Dr Andrew Heredia graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2006 and was elected to Council in 2016. He is the current President’s Representative on the ADAVB Oral Health Committee and is an active contributor to the ADAVB Oral Health Promotion team, Recent Graduates Mentoring Program and the ADAVB Group E (Melbourne Inner East) meetings. He has practised as a general dentist in both private and community dental sectors throughout Melbourne, regional Victoria and Sydney, as well as supervised recent graduate dentists and oral health therapists. He is a strong advocate for improving oral health for all Australians.

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A/Prof Neil Hewson

Federal Councillor
A/Prof Neil Hewson has been on Council since 1987, was Secretary of Group R (Peninsula) (1985), President (1995/96), Honorary Secretary (1997–2008), elected an Honorary Life Member in 2001 and awarded the Dentistry Achievement Award in 2008. He has chaired and served on most ADAVB committees and several ADA committees, and currently chairs the ADAVB Constitution and Policy, and Honours and Awards committees. A/Prof Hewson has been a Federal Councillor since 1996, was Federal President (2008–2010) and elected an Honorary Life Member of the Association in 2010. He was Australian Dental Congress 2011 Chairman, 2013 LOC member and served as FDI Speaker (2011–2014). In 2009, A/Prof Hewson was appointed a Clinical Associate Professor at The University of Melbourne and in 2016, he was admitted to an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Dental Science by The University of Melbourne.

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Dr Stephen Liew

Federal Councillor
Dr Stephen Liew is a recipient of the Australian Outstanding Young Dentist Award. He joined Council in 2011, was appointed to Executive Committee in 2012, elected President in 2015/16 and has served on multiple committees. Dr Liew was a member of the DHSV Voucher Scheme Advisory Panel and the Melbourne Dental School Curriculum Advisory Committee, and completed the Health Sector Leadership Program in 2011. 

Nationally, he sits on the ADA’s Federal Executive, is Vice-Chair of the Digital Health Committee, and Chairs the Employed Dentist Working Party and Recent Graduate Advisory Panel. He represents dentistry on the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Secure Messaging/Interoperability Steering Group and sits on the FDI 2021 World Dental Congress Committee. Dr Liew has volunteered in regions including Nepal, Northern Territory and Gippsland.

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Dr Linton Nash

Dr Linton Nash actively participates in Group meetings and is currently enrolled in the ADAVB Health Sector Leadership Program. After completing his undergraduate studies at Griffith University in 2011, he worked in private practice before studying orthodontics at the National University of Singapore, gaining his MDS and MOrthRCSEd in 2017.

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Dr Carolyn Ng

Dr Carolyn Ng was elected to ADAVB Council in 2018. She contributed to the Barwon Health Oral Health Working Party (2007/08) and the RACDS Vic Tas Committee (2016/17), supervised undergraduate students in general practice at the MDS (2009) and tutored dentists undertaking the FRACDS final exams in specialist orthodontics (2016/17). Dr Ng is the Australasian Orthodontic Board Convenor for Victoria, an assessor for postgraduate Australasian Orthodontic Board cases, and was on the ADAVB CPD Working Group.

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Dr Devin Ong

Dr Devin Ong actively participates in group meetings and has been Treasurer for Melbourne North Group since 2014. Dr Ong completed the ADAVB Health Sector Leadership Program in 2014 and is involved in orthodontic undergraduate teaching at The University of Melbourne. He also sits on the committee of charity organisation Give a Smile.

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Dr Emily Pow

Dr Emily Pow graduated from La Trobe University in Bendigo in 2015. Dr Pow was previously on the Recent Graduates and Students Committee and was the Co-Chair of the committee in 2018. Dr Emily was also a Recent Graduate representative for the CPD Committee and currently serves on the ADAVB Sports and Social Committee. She is a 2016 graduate of the Health Sector Leadership Program.

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Dr Gitika Sanghvi

Immediate Past President
Dr Gitika Sanghvi was elected to Council in 2013, appointed to Executive in 2016 and elected to President in 2019/20. Dr Sanghvi was the ADC Graduate Support Ad Hoc Committee Chair (2017/18), the Recent Graduates and Students Committee Chair (2010/11), and has served on multiple ADAVB committees. She was a  graduate of the ADAVB Health Sector Leadership Program in 2012 and has served as a representative on a multitude of external advisory committees. Dr Sanghvi was a clinical demonstrator for final-year dental students at Goulburn Valley Health, and has worked in public and private general practice.

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Dr Warren Shnider

Executive Councillor
Dr Warren Shnider is a specialist in special needs dentistry. He currently serves on the Public Dentistry Committee and is a hospital liaison for the ADAVB. Dr Shnider is the Head of the Integrated Special Needs Unit at DHSV and is the Academic Lead at La Trobe University. He is also a demonstrator and external examiner for The University of Melbourne, and an examiner for the Australian Dental Council.

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Dr Jonathan Teoh

Executive Councillor
Dr Jonathan Teoh began on council in 2018 and was elected to the Executive Committee on 2020. He graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2004, and has worked in private and public practice, currently working as a Senior Dentist and Manager at a Community Health Centre. Dr Teoh completed the Health Sector Leadership Program (2013), and has served the ADAVB on the Oral Health Committee (2016–current) and Public Dentistry Committee (2018–current). He has also been a mentor in the ADAVB mentoring program and is a participant in the Melbourne North West and Southern Group meetings.

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