14 May 2024

2024 ADAVB Branch Elections

Nominations are open for our new ADAVB Branch Council and Benevolent Fund Advisory Board. The Branch Council is elected by members to represent the dental profession and to achieve the mission and goals of the ADAVB.

Serving on Branch Council is a rewarding way to make a meaningful impact on your profession and a valuable step in developing your leadership skills. Help shape the future of your ADAVB.

Members of the ADAVB elected to Branch Council will become Directors of an Incorporated Association and are required to accept the legal responsibilities that such an office entails. As well as attending Branch Council meetings, Councillors have other duties including representing the President at Metropolitan and Country Groups, acting as the President’s representative in a Standing Committee and potentially sitting on an Ad Hoc Committee. The Branch Council consists of 17 elected members plus ex-officio Councillors. Branch Councillors hold office for a period of 2 years commencing in June 2024. The next term of office will conclude in 2026. The Branch has appointed a Returning Officer and Scrutineers for the next election. Nominations for the 17 elected members of the Council are now sought. Financial Members of the Branch are eligible for election, as are retiring members of the Branch Council.

Download the nomination form here.

Please forward the completed nomination form, curriculum vitae section and attach a passport style photo so that it reaches the Chief Executive Officer no later than 5pm on Monday, 20 May 2024.