12 June 2024

Implant maintenance: An expert panel discussion

If there is anything the implant literature has taught us, it’s that dental implants require ongoing care and maintenance. How we plan, execute and configure our implants and implant restorations and our subsequent monitoring and interventions, all have an impact on the long term success of our treatment.

Find out what the expert panel will be discussing at our upcoming Convention and Exhibition.

Facilitator: Dr Kunal Pandya

Panel: Dr Susan Wise, Dr Felix Sim, Dr Helen Arabatzis, Dr Meloshini Naicker and Dr Praveen Nathaniel


Dental implants offer exciting treatment options for our patients and have a well documented track record of success. But, there is no denying that in clinical practice and supported in the literature, is the need for immaculate planning and execution and for ongoing maintenance, if successful outcomes are desired. Our expert panel will share their real life experiences and in depth knowledge as they answer clinically oriented questions during the session.

Explain the topic of your presentation.

In this quick fire session, our expert panel will be asked a series of questions based on clinically relevant scenarios, relating to maintaining health around dental implants. It will cover topics from planning and maintenance to managing complications.

What is the main thing that the audience will take away from your presentation?

Answers to their burning questions around implant maintenance.

Why should attendees pick your session to attend?

It will be informative and entertaining (who doesn’t like seeing experts sweating on stage).