26 February 2024

Payroll Tax: An Ever-changing landscape

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Payroll tax part 1: An ever-changing landscape 
Interpretations between state and federal commissioners have everyone scratching their heads. 
What does it all mean for those in private practice? What do you need to know to ensure you 
don’t trip up on these new changes? To discuss the issue is Alexandra Phillips, Senior 
Associate at law firm Fletcher Clarendon, and Jim Tsirtsakis, Director at the Bongiorno Group.

Payroll tax part 2: Flow of payments and business models
A couple of court rulings in recent times has put the spotlight on whether health, dental and
medical centres are subject to payroll tax. The rulings emphasise the importance of
understanding your practice’s own flow of payments and written agreements. That’s the
message from Alexandra Phillips, Senior Associate at law firm Fletcher Clarendon, who joins
Jim Tsirtsakis, Director at the Bongiorno Group, for part 2 of this special Payroll tax episode
of The Money Doctors.


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