02 June 2021

A message from ADAVB President Dr Angelo Pacella

It has been an honour. Together we are stronger.

Every month we feature a personal note from the ADAVB President, Dr Angelo Pacella, in the Victorian Dentist. This month's president's column has been updated and shared with you below. Thank you to Dr Angelo Pacella for his leadership, advocacy efforts and commitment to members throughout his term as ADAVB President.

Signing off

This will be my final address to you as ADAVB President. It has been a privilege to serve you, our valued members. The wellbeing of our members, patients and our profession has been at the forefront of a year like no other.

I will continue to serve on Council, and my commitment will always be to advocate for what is best for our members and patients.


This past year has shown that membership has never been more vital and so, I urge all members to spread the good word about the ADAVB. I remain humbled and uplifted by so many of you; through your words of encouragement and general optimism.

Membership is due for renewal on 1 July. This investment has never been so important, with member benefits and support continuing to prove vital. Staying connected and informed has never been more timely.

Recently, I attended the Intra Operational Working Party meeting, which consists of state presidents, the federal president and several federal councillors. This committed group has been working through issues that affect you in your everyday working life. Some of the priorities are the current changes that the Therapeutic Goods Administration will be implementing and issues related to third parties.

A review of the federal strategic plan is underway. If you have ideas or feedback, please contact the federal president at contact@ada.org.au. Your input is imperative in shaping the future.


This past year showed that our greatest tool would be communication. I made it my priority to keep you as informed as possible. I gladly took your phone calls of concern with this in mind: breaking down the facts, relying on what we knew for sure and not the popular belief which at times, can overshadow the facts. 

In pursuing what was best for our members, we forged many positive outcomes. We regularly spoke to government and other health professional organisations to gain our best stance forward. I am encouraged by these channels of communication remaining open for the benefit of our profession, our patients and members in the future.

We have seen how potential outbreaks can threaten us all again and again. Between the time of writing the June president column for Victorian Dentist and it reaching you, we have had yet another outbreak and Victoria is again in lockdown. The ADAVB is working closely with Minister of Health, the Chief Health Officer and Department of Health to navigate through this new outbreak and we were very pleased that our advocacy efforts yesterday resulted in dental restrictions being lifted in regional Victoria from 11:59pm Thursday 3 June.

Restrictions still apply for metropolitan Melbourne despite our requests to allow patients to access necessary dental care. We will continue to advocate to modify the current restrictions that only allow for urgent dental care.

We need to be very clear that this new strain is significantly more contagious than the previous strains we have dealt with. It is of the upmost importance that you abide by the mandated restrictions to minimise transmission of the virus in the dental setting. Emergency treatment only.

If you work outside of the restrictions, you place yourself in significant risk on all fronts. We will continue to assess the situation and advocate for lifting the restrictions on dentistry as soon as safely possible.

Looking ahead, we all understand that all things COVID-19 continue to need vigilant management. Vaccination appears to be our biggest ally in total recovery and a strong return to normality. Vaccinations through the government rollout are now officially available for dentists and staff. Please call Victorian Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398 for specific details on what is available to you. To our regional members, let us know if you have concerns about access.

Also please ensure your patients and all people who visit your practice sign in. Contact tracing is key in untangling the origins of cases and stamping out any potential threats.


It was a great pleasure to attend, and see so many members at, the ADX. It was a highlight to finally attend an industry-related event here in Victoria.

We look forward to the FDI World Dental Congress virtual CPD program on 26–29 September. I encourage you to take advantage of the learning opportunities. The ADAVB also has an extensive online and CPD events program. Visit adavb.org/events to see our calendar.

The ADAVB General Meeting will take place on 21 June 2021. I encourage you to attend. It is a great way to become involved.

Self care

Be sure to take time to address any uneasy feelings during these difficult times. Change is not easy to manage. We are there for our patients, and our professional consultants, CROs, HR Service and LifeWorks program is there for you. I encourage you to reach out.

Welcome and thank you

I welcome the incoming President Dr Jeremy Sternson and Vice-President Dr Warren Shnider. I wish you all the best for the coming year.

Thank you to my fellow councillors and CEO Matt Hopcraft, for their unwavering support, guidance and commitment. Collectively, we were able to tackle the many challenges presented. To say this past year has been difficult would be an understatement, but my position was strengthened further with you alongside me.

To the ADAVB staff, thank you for your support and the magnificent job you do.

I also wish to extend my sincere thanks to the federal president, CEO and ADA Infection Control Committee for their commitment and support, especially when Victoria went into our second lockdown.

And finally, to all our valued members in Victoria: Thank you. It was your continued feedback, your insight, positive or negative; and ultimately, it was for your much valued voices that I served. It has been an honour.

Dr Angelo Pacella
ADAVB President