17 December 2021

ADAVB BOQ Specialist bursary recipients announced

Congratulations to Dr Evangeline Alphonse and Dr Thivagar Nirmalann, our two worthy recipients of the 2021 ADAVB BOQ Specialist Bursaries!

Dr Alphonse from Berwick Dental Clinic and Surgery has been awarded the Recent Graduate Bursary and will receive $5000 to be applied towards ADAVB CPD courses. Dr Nirmalann and his team from Balnarring Dental Care have been awarded the Practice Bursary and will receive $8000 to be applied to CPD and training programs and $2000 to be applied to ADAVB CPD courses.

Dr Evangeline Alphonse - Recent Graduate Bursary
Berwick Dental Clinic and Surgery

"I feel a deep sense of gratitude for all the people around me who have helped contribute to my career. As someone who is heavily involved in community projects and pro bono work, it felt really nice to be acknowledged by those in my industry. This grant validates the work we do here at Berwick Dental Clinic and Surgery and motivates us to keep working hard for our community members."
Dr Evangeline Alphonse

Dr Thivagar Nirmalann & Team - Practice Bursary
Balnarring Dental Care

"The team and I were ecstatic and humbled to be chosen. It's been a long and hard two years for all businesses and we really felt it in dental practice. Having the ADA to back us up and now to award us a bursary has reinvigorated us to push forward with newfound enthusiasm. We have always been a clinic that values dental education, CPD, and being at the forefront of evidence-based dentistry."
Dr Thivagar Nirmalann

ADAVB President Dr Jeremy Sternson said, “Dr Alphonse and Dr Nirmalann both illustrate a deep commitment to helping their patients and the wider community. Their drive to further enrich and develop their dental teams will ultimately lead to better care for their patients and their respective communities.

“Together with BOQ Specialist, we are very proud to announce Dr Alphonse and Dr Nirmalann as the 2021 bursary recipients,” said Dr Sternson.

BOQ Specialist CEO, Keith Strachan, concluded, “We are proud to partner once again with the ADAVB to recognise two outstanding bursary recipients in Dr Alphonse and Dr Nirmalann.

“Our recipients have demonstrated a true passion for their people, their patients and their communities, providing exceptional services through their team-oriented approach to professional development. This makes them both unquestionably deserving recipients of this year’s bursaries,” said Mr Strachan.