02 December 2020

ADAVB/BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary recipient announced

Dr Matt Teixeira, owner of MHT Dentistry in Malvern East, has been announced the recipient of the 2020 Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) and BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary.

Now in its sixth consecutive year, the $10,000 bursary acknowledges dental practices committed to quality learning and aims to fund further professional development for practitioners and professional staff members.

Commenting on the award, Dr Teixeira said, “It was a very exciting moment to hear that MHT Dentistry was the successful recipient of the ADAVB BOQ Specialist CPD Practice Bursary.

“We applied to the bursary as a team and we can’t wait to commence further professional learning. The bursary will allow MHT Dentistry staff to attend many relevant CPD training courses over the next 12 months, which will in turn provide current patients and the local community with access to a dental practice that strives for excellence and innovation.”

ADAVB President, Dr Angelo Pacella, said, “The panel was impressed with the high-quality work and effort that went into MHT Dentistry’s comprehensive application.

“There was a clear goal to strive for excellence and innovation, to provide all staff with quality professional development and a commitment to further explore various interest areas, practice accreditation and digital/communications work – all with the end goal to better serve their patients and the community.”

BOQ Specialist CEO, Hugh Lander, concluded, “BOQ Specialist has provided distinctive banking solutions to dentists for over 30 years and during this time, we have continually seen the benefits and opportunities that continuing professional development not only brings to practices, but to the wider community.”

“We are proud to partner once again with the ADAVB to recognise an outstanding recipient in Dr Teixeira, a practitioner who is passionate about his people, his patients and his community,” said Mr Lander.

“Through the provision of tailored training programs for each of his team members, Dr Teixeira ensures that his practice delivers the highest level of oral health care possible.

“His holistic, team-oriented approach to continuing professional development, as well as his commitment to practice excellence and innovation, make Dr Teixeira a very deserving recipient of this year’s bursary.”

Dr Teixeira and MHT Dentistry will be profiled in ADAVB’s Victorian Dentist and BOQ Specialist’s ‘Best Practice’. In addition to a Certificate of Recognition, the $10,000 bursary includes $8000 to be applied to any CPD courses and training and $2000 for ADAVB CPD courses and training.

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