25 March 2022

ADAVB joins 'Food Fight' campaign

The ADAVB has joined the ‘Food Fight’ campaign to protect kids from unhealthy food and drink advertising.

Victorian children are being bombarded with at least 25 unhealthy food and drink advertisements per day.

The ADAVB and several other organisations have signed a statement by the Cancer Council Victoria to protect Victorian children from a barrage of advertisements by the processed food industry. With an unacceptable level of unhealthy food and drink advertising on Melbourne’s public transport network and near schools, it’s time to act to reduce the processed food industry’s influence on Victorian children.

Individuals or organisations can sign the statement which is pushing for unhealthy advertising to be removed from within 500m of schools, on public transport and public transport infrastructure. Visit cancervic.org.au/foodfight.

New research has found that unhealthy food and drink advertising can strongly influence children’s food and drink choices. A national survey of high school students found that children exposed to high levels of advertising are more than twice as likely to try a new product than children with low exposure and twice as likely to ask parents for the products they had seen advertised. Children that were exposed to more advertising were more likely to report high consumption of unhealthy food and drink.

View the Cancer Council’s media release: cancervic.org.au/about/media-releases/2022-media-releases/march/food-fight-to-protect-victorian-kids-from-unhealthy-food-and-drink-advertising.html