14 April 2022

Are you moneywise?

With the current global turmoil, rising interest rates, house prices going through the roof and petrol prices out of control, we bring you a Dental Central podcast with the experts - Moneywise.

Moneywise have been partnering with ADAVB to provide financial advice with a focus on wealth creation, superannuation and wealth protection for our members, for over 15 years.

Great advice for dentists young and old:

  • How do I start my investment journey?
  • Secrets to building wealth
  • The role of superannuation in wealth creation
  • What insurance do I need to protect the wealth I’m creating?
  • How can we learn from the mistakes of others?

This is a general discussion only and not specific advice. It is important that you seek individualised advice for your specific circumstances.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and many other podcast platforms. Listen now: adavb.org/news-media/dental-central-podcast

More information on Moneywise:

adavb.org/about/partners or moneywise.com.au