28 March 2019

Beware: Scam targeting dentists

The ADAVB has been advised that a scam targeting dentists is still operating, following initial reports in 2017. The scam involves a person contacting dental practices through email or online ‘contact us’ forms to enquire about making a group booking. This person claims to be a hearing-impaired individual – and cannot speak on the phone for this reason – interested in making appointments for members of their family. They then ask if the practice accepts credit card and may discuss transportation to the appointment. The practice is asked to pay for transportation directly and add it the deposit amount.
At this stage, we are unaware of anyone proceeding past this point with the scammer, but experience from other industries hit in the past (such as physiotherapists, veterinarians and mechanics) tells us the scammer will pay on a stolen credit card and later request a refund. In some cases, the initial email even has a virus attached to it.
If you receive an email or web contact like this, please do not respond, and report it to Scamwatch as soon as possible.