07 September 2022

We're celebrating over 5000 downloads

We’re celebrating over 5000 downloads of our Dental Central Podcasts!

Our podcasts are an easy way for members to keep up to date with the world of dentistry. We’ve explored a range of popular topics and our most downloaded episode was ‘The latest news from lockdown’ in August 2021. Not far behind in November 2021 was ‘Mental health and burnout’ with Dr Toni Surace and the uplifting ‘Coffee, canines & Canada’ with Elsh Getenet in March this year.

Episode 28 is out now, so tune in as we speak to the manager of our Community Relations team, Dr Eryn Agnew about:
•            Why she decided to become a dentist, and then train as a specialist periodontist.
•            How she became involved in the Community Relations team.
•            The role of a Community Relations Officer and the support they provide to members.
•            Some of the common issues that arise when managing patient complaints.
•            Key tips to minimise risk.
•            The important partnership between ADAVB and Guild Insurance.

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