30 August 2021

Changes to Radiation Management Licence requirements

Changes to the requirements for Radiation Management Licences have come into effect.

The Victorian Department of Health issues a Radiation Management Licence to a legal entity or an individual.

The licence authorises them to conduct a radiation practice, and will identify and describe the type of radiation practice that is authorised. It will list the sites at which the radiation practice can be conducted and the types of radiation sources that can be possessed at those sites. (As an example, a company cannot take possession of an OPG or CBCT machine until they hold a management licence authorising that practice.)

Applications are submitted online. Management licences are issued for one, two or three years, and the applicant can choose which licence period they wish to apply for. There are fees associated with new applications, but not if you are applying to vary an existing licence. A number of supporting documents are required to be submitted along with the application.

When you apply for a new Radiation Management Licence or for a variation of your existing Radiation Management Licence (e.g. if you were to move sites or add a CBCT machine to your practice), you will now also be required to submit a Radiation Management Plan (RMP). RMPs are similar to any other type of risk management plan. The Department of Health has provided a template on its website for your use.

Both the ADAVB Practice Plus team and the Department of Health’s Radiation Safety team will be available to assist you in understanding your new obligations.

All current licence-holders should have received further updates from the Department via their emailed newsletters.