27 November 2019

Meet Frank.

Meet Frank. It’s tooth hurty and he’s sore. He wants people to go to the dentist before a sore tooth takes them there.

We’re excited to launch our 'Take Control' campaign today that directs Victorians to an ADAVB member dentist, before a sore tooth takes them there!

The ADAVB and Frank the Molar are encouraging Victorians to take control of their dental health and to avoid pain and prevent complex dental issues by seeing an ADAVB dentist regularly.

Only 50 per cent of Australians regularly visit the dentist, and tooth decay and gum disease are two of the most common health conditions affecting Australians.

Victorians can find an ADAVB dentist by visiting findadentist.adavb.org and searching for a preferred suburb or a practitioner’s name.

Share Frank. Share our video and use the hashtags to make sure Frank gets around!

Good oral health is critical to good general health and dentists are committed to helping their patients to keep their teeth for life. We want Victorians to find a regular ADAVB dentist and see them regularly for preventive care and early identification of dental issues.

We need all members to get behind Frank and share this campaign. The more it’s shared, the more Victorians will be directed to our member dentists, for ongoing dental care and education.

Together let’s help Victorians take control of their dental health and visit an ADAVB dentist before a sore tooth takes them there.