10 June 2021

Membership renewals are due on 1 July

Now more than ever our profession needs to stand together. You can rely on us for the professional advice, support and resources you need.

Membership renewals are due on 1 July 2021

Membership renewals were emailed to all financial ADAVB members on 28 May 2021, including first year graduate members. Please check your email inbox and get in touch if you have not received your renewal email.

Paying in monthly instalments?

If you are paying your membership with monthly instalments, you don't need to renew your membership. Your payments will continue unless you contact us to make changes. Please check your email inbox for your membership email sent on 3 June 2021. Members who have previously paid for their renewal in one annual payment, are welcome to switch to monthly payments for their renewals at no extra cost.

Please note: ADATas renewals were emailed on 1 and 2 June 2021.

Undergraduate dentistry students

You do not need to renew your free student membership. This continues free until six months after your graduation.

Post-graduate students and ADC candidates

You do not need to renew your membership however we will be in touch with you to confirm your current work situation. Please ensure you have provided us with your current work or study details so your membership best meets your needs. ADC candidates - if you have completed your exams and are now registered and working as a dental practitioner you must provide your ADC certificate and updated working hours.

Membership discounts for recent graduates

It’s been a challenging time for our final year students and recent graduates and we understand what it’s like to be an early career dentist. We are pleased to offer the following significant discounts on ADAVB membership:

  • Free for the first six months post-graduation
  • 67% off for first year graduates
  • 34% off for second year graduates.

You can rely on us for the support and information you need

Now more than ever our profession needs to stand together. We understand the concerns and challenges faced by our diverse range of members from students to early and late career members. We have worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that members have all the resources needed to practice safely and we will continue to effectively advocate for members in the the challenges ahead.

With ADAVB membership you'll have peace of mind that we'll support and represent you now and throughout your dentistry career.

Your dentist liabilities insurance

If you’re insured with Guild, renew your ADAVB dentist liabilities insurance policy at policyhub.guild.adavb.org. Here you can view your policy details, update your personal information and make payments.

Public sector dentists – membership fee reimbursement by your employer

Employed at a public hospital or community health centre? Ensure you keep all your receipts for CPD and ADAVB membership. The EBA negotiated by the ADAVB includes a pro rata $2000 for reimbursement of ADAVB membership and CPD training costs per financial year, claimable through your employer.

Not insured with Guild? Switch and save

All ADAVB members receive an exclusive discount on all dentist liability policies from Guild Insurance, saving up to 23 per cent off the price of equivalent cover. This discount is only available to ADAVB members who renew their membership.

Significant Guild insurance discounts apply for recent graduate ADAVB members up until their sixth renewal including:

  • Free Guild insurance for first year graduates for up to 18 months post-graduation
  • 57% off Guild insurance for second year graduates
  • 39% off Guild insurance for third year graduates.

No other insurance offering is more closely aligned to the Australian dental profession or is better positioned to deliver even more for members.

ADAVB members will continue to enjoy a policy we believe represents the best value for our members, covering you for your complete scope of practice, including the use of botulinum toxin.

To join Guild insurance and take advantage of the discount offer for ADAVB members, please call Guild on 1800 810 213 and visit guildinsurance.com.au/dentist for further information.

We're here to help

Please contact us anytime to discuss your membership details at membership@adavb.org or 8825 4600. We look forward to your continued membership and to supporting you at every stage of your dentistry career.