23 September 2019

North, east, south, west: Find where you fit best

No matter where you are located in Victoria, there is a place for you in an ADAVB group.

Attending your local group events has many benefits. Among them:

  • Get to know other local ADAVB members. Dentistry can often be an isolating profession. Being involved in your local group will connect you with other members near you.
  • Meet ADAVB councillors and connect with the ADAVB. Councillors attend each group event so it’s the perfect opportunity to share your ideas, concerns and achievements and to find out what the ADAVB is up to.
  • Avoid a long commute for CPD and training, as your local group holds events in your local area. Each group typically holds two to four events per year. The events usually consist of a presentation or seminar followed by a networking dinner. Some groups also run day events and conferences. 
  • Earn extra CPD hours (which is especially important as we near the end of the current CPD cycle) and have direct access to expert presenters covering a range of topics.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved in your ADAVB group today.