23 September 2021

Public sector EBA negotiations updates

The ADAVB has partnered again with Professionals Australia for its industrial relations expertise as we enter the next round of bargaining for the employment standards of our public sector dentists and specialists. 

We are hosting a series of online sessions to provide updates on upcoming Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) negotiations and how we’re progressing in the current environment. All public sector dentists are welcome to join these interactive sessions.

What we will cover:

  • The Victorian Government’s public sector wages policy and bargaining implications
  • What we’re working towards in the next EBA
  • Any new developments.


If you’d like to share your experiences and perspectives on the current EBA (and didn’t complete our member survey in mid-July), you can do so here.

Members are also welcome to contact us at advocacy@adavb.org for any EBA-related matters.

Learn more about the EBA campaign.