09 June 2021

Stay up to date with our new Dental Central podcast

Now there are even more ways to stay up to date with what's happening at the ADAVB! We are excited to launch our new ‘Dental Central’ podcast.

We’ll cover news and updates, as well as interviews with a range of people to provide an interesting perspective on the practice of dentistry in Victoria.
Episode one features ADAVB councillor Dr Emily Pow and ADAVB CEO A/Prof Matt Hopcraft discussing the COVID-19 restrictions and the impact on dental practices, the different impact in regional Victoria, COVID-19 vaccines and how the ADAVB worked with the Victorian government to advocate on behalf of the dental profession.

The podcast is available at Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and many other podcast platforms. Tune in to our first podcast, let us know what you think and who you would like to hear interviewed. Email your suggestions to comms@adavb.org.