27 July 2021

World Head and Neck Cancer Day 2021

Today is World Head and Neck Cancer Day – a day that is dedicated to raising awareness about these types of cancers and how they affect people.

Oral cancer is on the rise and is currently the eight most common cancer in men and the 14th most common cancer in women in Victoria. More than 16 Victorians are diagnosed with oral cancer each week on average. Oral health practitioners play an important role in oral cancer prevention, detection and referral.

What can oral health practitioners do?

Visit the Oral Cancer Learning Hub at oralcancerhub.org.au

The Learning Hub offers:

  • Risk and prevention information
  • Visual guide to identifying lesions
  • Examination resources
  • Referral guidance
  • Clinical case studies
  • 3 scientific CPD points for reviewing content and completing the quiz.

The Learning Hub was developed as part of the Victorian Oral Cancer Screening and Prevention Program.

Complete the Smokefree Smiles online training module

The online training and resources support oral health practitioners to have discussions with patients and refer to Quitline. The training is based on Quit’s three step brief advice model – Ask, Advise, Help.

Register for free at education.quit.org.au. To order the free resource kit, visit the Quit website.

To learn more about Smokefree Smiles, visit the DHSV website or email quit.education@cancervic.org.au for more information about the training.

The Victorian Oral Cancer Screening and Prevention Program is funded by the Victorian Department of Health as an initiative under the current Victorian Cancer Plan. The program is led by Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV), in partnership with the University of Melbourne Dental School, the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) and La Trobe University Department of Dentistry and Oral Health.

The Smokefree Smiles project was proudly funded and supported by the Victorian Government and is an initiative of Quit, DHSV and the ADAVB.