20 March 2020

World Oral Health Day 2020

Today is World Oral Health Day (WOHD), and together with the FDI World Dental Federation we’re encouraging people to look after their oral health and to inspire others to do the same.

'Say Ahh’ and Unite for Mouth Health

The key aim of this year’s campaign is to bring people together to pledge to prioritise oral health by practicing good oral hygiene and making good dietary choices by avoiding sugary treats. You can join others by making a pledge at www.worldoralhealthday.org/

To coincide with WOHD the Australian Dental Association (ADA) has released an updated Oral Health Tracker adult progress report card to demonstrate the current state of oral health in the Australian adult population, how it compares to previous reports and if we’re on track to meet targets to reduce various oral health conditions by 2025. The updated report card shows that while Australian adults are keeping their teeth for longer, oral diseases are increasing. Roughly one in three Australians have untreated tooth decay, and one in four have severe gum disease.

Governments are urged to take responsibility to improve the oral health of all Australians, which is a crucial part of overall health and quality of life.

ADA WOHD 2020 News: https://www.ada.org.au/News-Media/News-and-Release/Latest-News/WODH-2020-OHT-status-report

Oral Health Tracker: https://www.ada.org.au/oralhealthtracker

What can you do to take part?

Share the ADA’s new resources, including;

Share the WOHD resources: https://www.worldoralhealthday.org/resources

Use the hashtags below and remember to tag the ADA in your social media posts.

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