27 May 2019

Dentists urge flexible model for implementation of kids’ dental program to ensure timely dental check-ups

Victoria’s peak dental body, the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB), has urged the government to take a flexible approach to delivery of their school dental van program to ensure that all children have timely access to the dentist.

Dr Kevin Morris, ADAVB President said, 'One in three Australian children have tooth decay in their baby teeth by the age of five–six years, so investing in regular visits to the dentist and preventive care is essential to tackle this issue. Mobile dental vans are appropriate in some circumstances where families cannot readily access a dental clinic, and there are plenty of dentists in existing public and private clinics around Victoria that can provide quality care to children. The dentist workforce is skilled and ready to assist families and the government to deliver on the promise of ensuring the good oral health of Victoria’s children.'

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