20 June 2023

Welcome to our new ADAVB President and Council

Congratulations to ADAVB President Dr Jonathan Teoh and the new ADAVB Branch Council following our recent branch election.

Dr Teoh is a public health dentist and has also worked in private practice. He graduated in 2004 and completed a Master of Public Health in 2015. Dr Teoh is currently a manager and senior dentist at a community health centre. He was elected to ADAVB Council in 2018 and to the ADAVB executive committee in 2020. Dr Teoh completed the Health Sector Leadership Program (2013) and is the former vice-chair of the ADAVB Finance, Risk and Audit Committee. Dr Teoh has served on multiple ADAVB committees including Oral Health, Public Dentistry and CPD Committees. He has also been a demonstrator at the University of Melbourne, a mentor in the ADAVB mentoring program and is a regular contributor at ADAVB Group meetings.

We also warmly welcome our new Branch Executive team: A/Prof Shnider (Immediate Past President), Dr Andrew Heredia (Vice President) and executive councillors Dr Conny Qian and Dr Carolyn Ng.

Meet your ADAVB Councillors